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Added an image of VH-EBL at London circa 1964. Thanks to Peter Gates.


Added a colour image of VH-EBG at London circa 1961. Thanks to Nick Sayer.


Added an image of VH-EBQ in Singapore. Thanks to Nick Sayer.


Added an image of the former VH-EAE in British Midland colours as G-BFLD.


Added six excellent images of Qantas 707-338Cs thanks to Peter Gates.








Added an image of the former VH-EBL stored at Shannon as N-46D.


Added a series of images of VH-EBK undergoing repairs at Mascot after its nosewheel-first landing at Singapore in December 1964. Also added an image of VH-EBK at Brisbane, Eagle Farm in the early sixties. All thanks to Tom Harwood of the Qantas Founders Museum.


Updated the page on the HS.125 with more information on how one of them came to be named Mouse. Thanks to Roger Chin.


Added an image of VH-EAD thanks to Eric Allen.


Added three images:

N7099 thanks to Eric Allen.

P2-ANH thanks to Eric Allen.

G-BFLD thanks to Peter Gates.


Added two images of the HS.125s thanks to Eric Allen. Image 1 Image 2


The page on the HS.125s, has undergone a major update with the addition of many new images. Little Sisters


Added another image of VH-EBE operating a Royal flight into Canberra in February 1963. Also added an image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II disembarking from VH-EAB in 1974. Thanks to Peter Lindeman.


Added an image of VH-EBE operating a Royal flight into Canberra in February 1963. Thanks to Peter Lindeman.


Added five images thanks to Peter Gates.

VH-EAB in th V-Jet scheme.

VH-EAE in the ochre scheme.

VH-EAG in the ochre scheme.

VH-EAG in the ochre scheme.

VH-EBP in the V-Jet scheme.

Added two images thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS.

VH-EAC in the V-Jet scheme.

VH-EAC in the V-Jet scheme.


Added four new images.

VH-EAB in the V-Jet scheme thanks to Peter Gates.

VH-EBW in the V-Jet scheme thanks to Peter Gates.

VH-EAI in the V-Jet scheme thanks to Peter Truscott.

VH-EAI in the V-Jet scheme thanks to Peter Truscott.


The page on the USAF JSTARS has been greatly expanded.


Added four images thanks to Eric Allen.

VH-EBC ready for delivery to Standard Airways as N791SA

VH-EBI departing Sydney on delivery to Braniff as N105BN

VH-EBL ready for delivery to Braniff as N107BN

VH-EAH taking-off from Sydney with Dependables #1 and #2 at full song.


Added a selection of Qantas drink coasters featuring the 707. Thanks to Nick Sayer.


Added an image of VH-EBO in GAS Air livery as 5N-ARQ thanks to Peter Gates. Can anyone identify the blue emblem on the aircraft?


Added an image of VH-EBN in Tampa livery and an Arrow Air tail in 1984.


Added an image of VH-EBD at Heathrow soon after being repainted in the V-Jet livery. Thanks to Peter Gates.


We have just seen the 60th anniversary of the delivery of the first Qantas Boeing 707 and to celebrate the event we present something really special. This Autograph Book was signed by the passengers and crew of VH-EBB.


The page on the V-Jet livery has been further expanded with detail notes on colours and markings.


Added an image of the former VH-EBA as C-FPWV with Pacific Western Airlines markings removed.


Added an image of the former VH-EBA as C-FPWV not long before it was withdrawn from service by Pacific Western.


Added an image of VH-EBG at Mascot probably in late 1961 not long before it was converted to 707-138B.


Added an image of VH-EBU in company with Boeing's 737 demonstrator N1359B.
Added an image of VH-EBW operating a combi service.
Both thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS.


Added three images of VH-EAG departing the newly opened Sydney International Terminal on 05MAY70. Thanks to Phil Vabre of the CAHS.
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3


Added an image of VH-EBE as N793NA with Egypt Air titles.


Added an image of VH-EBM as N707XX thanks to Keith Burton.


Added an image of VH-EBB as N790SA in THY livery thanks to Firuz Altingoz.
Added an image of the special last day markings on VH-EAG.
Added an image of VH-EAI as A20-629 in tanker configuration.


Added a list of flights on VH-EBA by Captain Jock Ross. These flights have been incorporated into the history of VH-EBA. Thanks to his daughter Sandra and to Greg Weir.


Added an image of VH-EBP at Honululu thanks to Bruce Graham.


Added an image of VH-EBC prior to the departure of the inaugural flight on 29JUL59.


Added an image of VH-EAH at Heathrow in 1969 thanks to Peter Gates.


The Photo Galleries have been refurbished to improve appearance and ease of navigation.


Added an image of VH-EBB as N138SR derelict at Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Subsequent confirmation received that the aeroplane had been broken up by October 2008.


Added an image of VH-EAA as 5Y-AXA with African Expres thanks to Peter Gates.


Added an image of VH-EBH during test flying as N-93194.
Added an image of VH-EBI being rolled out at Renton.
Thanks to the Qantas Heritage Collection.


VH-EBA turns up in the most unexpected places. She even starred in a Tintin comic book published in 1968.


Added an image of VH-EAB as 5B-DAY with United Nations titles. Thanks to Peter Gates.


During the restoration of VH-XBA at Southend, Norman King participated in a parts acquisition expedition which produced An Amazing Moment.


Added an image of VH-EBA at Heathrow circa 1959. Thanks to Graeme Davis whose father David took the photo.


Added a copy of that memorable 1968 press advertisement "Flown only on Sundays by a little old pilot from Pasadena".


Added a selection of images thanks to Peter Gates.

VH-EBX as LV-MZE with TAR.

VH-EBK as 9Y-TDB with BWIA.

VH-EBP as SU-BBA with Air Cargo Egypt.

VH-EBI as OE-IRA with Montana.

VH-EAB as 5B-DAY stripped of paint and with Grumman titles.



John Travolta has announced that he is donating N707JT (formerly VH-EBM) to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) for continued operations. Read the Press Release

Boeing produced only thirteen 707-138s and this now means that the first (VH-EBA/XBA) and the last (VH-EBM) will be preserved in Australia. Perfect bookends!


Added the story of The First Qantas Flight Simulator. With thanks to the late Bill Field and his son Peter.


Added an image of VH-EBN in Tampa Colombia livery as N707GB.


Added an image of VH-EBR at Mauritius in March 1966. Thanks to Norman King.


Added an image of N138TA (EBA) at Basle, Switzerland.


Added 5 new images thanks to Peter Gates.

VH-EBF as D-ADAQ with Air Commerz.

VH-EAC as G-BDKE with British Caledonian.

VH-EBZ as PT-TCS with Trans Brasil.

VH-EBP with Qantas.

VH-EBP with Qantas.

VH-EBS with Qantas.



Added 15 new images of 707-338Cs thanks to Peter Gates and the Qantas Heritage Collection.

VH-EBN pre-delivery.

VH-EBN pre-delivery.

VH-EBN pre-delivery.

VH-EBQ as 9M-ASQ with MAS.

VH-EBQ as 9M-MCQ with MAS.

VH-EBR as 9M-ATR with MAS.

VH-EBR as 9M-MCR with MAS.

VH-EBS as 9M-MCS with MAS.

VH-EBU in the ochre livery.

VH-EBU in the ochre livery.

VH-EAB with modified titles for the Moscow trip.

VH-EAD as A20-624 with retirement tail art.

VH-EAD as A20-624 with retirement tail art.

VH-EAJ pre-delivery.

VH-EAJ pre-delivery.

Also added two images of 707-368C A20-261 thanks to Peter Gates.

A20-261 in blue and white livery.

A20-261 in overrall grey livery.



Added a new page on the Data Plate.


The whole site has been refreshed. The layout of several pages has been improved and numerous corrupted photo captions have been corrected. If you spot anything that needs attention please advise the Webmaster.


The page Why V-Jet? has been greatly expanded to show all the variations in 707 tail markings.


Added an image of VH-EBK which indicates that this aeroplane was delivered in the interim livery. As VH-EBH to VH-EBK were delivered in sequence, this indicates that all of these aircraft would have been delivered in the interim livery.


Added five images of VH-EBH on a pre-delivery test flight.
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

Added an image of VH-EBH undergoing an engine change at Mascot.


Added an image of VH-EBH on delivery to Sydney.
Added an image of a Qantas 707 jigsaw puzzle.


Added several images of VH-EBB during its delivery flight. Also added a discussion on the name carried by VH-EBB for its delivery flight.


Added an image of VH-EBJ with Egypt Air as SU-FAA.


On 3rd October 2015 came the sad news that ATC Lasham Ltd. at Southend had been placed in administration. This prompted the 707 Rescue Team to publish a tribute in the Southend newspaper. This tribute also appears on this website here.


Added two images:
HZ-123 (VH-EBA) with the Saudi Government.
OE-URA (VH-EBI) ex Montana Austria.


Added five images:
VH-EBA colour image of roll out at Renton. (Thanks to Peter Gates)
VH-EBD at LHR c.1960. (Thanks to Peter Gates)
N138SR (VH-EBB) at MEL in 1994. (Thanks to Paul Hockey)
CF-PWV (VH-EBA) in the snow.
TF-AEC (VH-EAB) in Air Arctic/Surinam Airways markings.


The page linking to videos of VH-XBA has been deleted from the QFM 707 Project section as all videos are no longer online.


The forward fuselage of A20-627 (VH-EAG) was delivered to HARS at Albion Park on this date.


Added a table of the first RAAF 707 aircrew and their Qantas trainers. Thanks to Tony Ryan for this contribution.


Added a chronology of the disposal of the RAAF 707s. The Disposal Saga


It is with much sadness that we record the passing of one of XBA's pilots, Roger Walter. Tribute


Added an image of N7099 in Qantas Cargo livery. Thanks to Peter Gates.


Added an image of G-BFLD (VH-EAE) in DETA livery.
Added an image of HL7432 (VH-EAF) in Korean Air Lines Cargo livery.
Added an image of N138TA (VH-EBA) at the Paris Air Show in 1981.


Added a new page on - Airport - the Movie & the Movie Star that came to work for Qantas. The story of VH-EBZ.


Added a typical seat configuration drawing for a 707-338C.


Added a screen shot of N324F (later VH-EBZ) in Trans Global Airlines livery for the 1969 movie Airport.


Added an image of OD-AFY (N7099) being broken up at Amsterdam.
Added an image of OD-AFY (N7099) being broken up at Amsterdam.
Added an image of C-FPWV (VH-EBA) in Pacific Western livery.
Added an image of N138SR (VH-EBB) in Republique du Congo markings.
Added an image of N138SR (VH-EBB) in Comtran markings.
Added an image of N791SA (VH-EBC) in Standard Airways livery.
Added an image of N792FA (VH-EBF) with the cockpit cut off.


Added an article comparing the Boeing 707-138B with the Boeing 707-338C.


Added an image of N793SA (VH-EBE) in Standard Airways colours.
Added an image of HZ-123 (VH-EBA) with the Saudi Government.
Added an image of OD-AFY (N7099) being broken up at Amsterdam.


Added an image of 9Q-CLK (VH-EBG) ready for return to the DRC Government.
Added an image of N14791 (VH-EBP) in TWA Cargo jet colours.
Added an image of 6O-SBN (VH-EBR) stored at Stansted in Somali Airlines colours.


Added an image of VH-EBE thanks to Nigel Daw.


Added an image of VH-EBM with markings removed prior to sale to Braniff. Thanks to Ken Watson.


Added an image of VH-EBA in Pacific Western livery but still registered as VH-EBA. Thanks to Ken Watson.


Added a tribute page to Bill Fishwick who passed away on 12 May this year.


Added an image of VH-EBE wearing a Malaysia Singapore Airlines logo. Thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society.


Added five images of N624RH (VH-EAD) departing and arriving Amberley yesterday and today. Thanks to Mick Raftery.


Added an image of N624RH (VH-EAD) taken yesterday while the aircraft was on approach to Amberley. Thanks to Mick Raftery.


Added an image of N624RH (VH-EAD) departing Honolulu bound for Amberley in support of military exercises in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area. Thanks to Ivan Nishimura of HNL RareBirds.


Added two images of the instrument panel of VH-EBB. Thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society.


Added two new images.
N138TA (VH-EBA) at Le Bourget wearing the name Star of the Desert.
9Q-CLK (VH-EBG) in 707 Dreamliner colours at Miami.


Added an image of VH-EBA at Brisbane, Eagle Farm in 1960. Thanks to Peter Gates.


It is with much sadness that we record the passing of Bill Fishwick on 12 May. Bill's funeral was held in Sydney on 17 May. Bill was an engineer that other engineers looked up to and he has provided for us most generously with many contributions to this website. A full tribute to Bill will be added to the website in due course.


Added an image of the former VH-EBD in British Eagle colours as G-AVZZ during crew training at Avalon in January 1968. The image was contributed by Michael Philpott who also describes his time with the aircraft at British Eagle.


Added a remarkable piece of aero philately, a cover that was flown on VH-EBC in August 1959 and again on VH-XBA in December 2006.


It has emerged that the former VH-EBA was photographed at Paris Le Bourget in June 1983 wearing the name "Star of the Desert". The significance of this name is a mystery even to former employees of Tiger Air and Airmark. It is speculated that it may have been for a movie or a photo shoot and may not have flown with this marking. Hopefully a reader will recognise it. The image can be viewed here.

Several other images have been added:

VH-EBD as G-AVZZ in International Caribbean colours.
VH-EBE as VP-BDE in Bahamas World colours.
VH-EBK as 9Y-TDB undergoing conversion to an executive aircraft.
The former Saudia HZ-ACC in partial RAAF livery as the "Hulksbury".


Added an image of a sticker which was issued in 1959 to promote the introduction of the 707. Thanks to Phil Vabre.


Added a new page on the 707 Q Bellows System.


We are advised that the plaque recording the historical significance of what was once the QFM Executive Suite of Offices at Southend has "gone walkabout". Please see here for details.


While we hope that it is not an omen, John Travolta's 707 N707JT (formerly VH-EBM) recently took on the appearance of a Pan American 707 for an appearance in the American Broadcasting Company television series "Pan Am". Through the use of sheet vinyl decals, the aeroplane was transformed into "Jet Clipper Majestic" with the registration N1703D. Incongruously, the tail retained its Qantas V-Jet livery, so presumably this was out of shot for the filming which was all done on the ground. Our thanks to Fred Miller of for permission to use his images.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


Added a gallery of images of the final departures from Richmond of N623RH (VH-EAC), N624RH (VH-EAD) and N629RH (VH-EAI). Thanks to Darin McLean and CPL Colin Dadd of Australian Defence.


Added an interesting image of CF-PWV (formerly VH-EBA) with her tail protruding from a hangar in Vancouver.


Boeing 707-338C N623RH (formerly A20-623 and VH-EAC) departed Richmond today (one day earlier than expected) on delivery to Omega Air. The departure of this aircraft brings to a close Boeing 707 operations in Australia. This leaves VH-XBA as the only intact Boeing 707 in Australia. The forward fuselage of the former VH-EAG is expected to join the HARS collection soon. Details here


Two of the three ex RAAF tankers departed Richmond on 23OCT11 on delivery to Omega Air. The third aircraft is scheduled to depart on 26OCT11. Details here


Added a photo of VH-EBT all alone at Melbourne's new Tullamarine Airport prior to operating the first scheduled commercial service from Tullamarine on 1 July 1970. Thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society.


The three remaining RAAF 707s have been placed on the US Register on sale to Omega Air as tankers. The forward fuselage of A20-627 is now going to HARS at Albion Park. The former A20-261 is being parted out at Manston. Details here


The former VH-EBG has completed twelve months of heavy maintenance and is due to be returned to the Government of the DRC. This image of 9Q-CLK comes via Dave Short.


The "Class of 58" have been identified thanks to Noel Taylor, Bill Fishwick and Dave Short.


Added 10 new images.

VH-EBA on the production line with a group of Qantas engineers (thanks to Bob Sprague)

VH-EBA as N138TA with Tiger Air

VH-EBE as N793NA with Aeroamerica

VH-EBG as N600JJ ex Laker

VH-EBM as N108BN with Tracy Investments

VH-EBM as N707JT soon after sale to John Travolta

VH-EBO as N4225J es Singapore Airlines

VH-EBO as N4225J with Arrow Air

VH-EAC as G-BDKE on short term lease to British Caledonian

VH-EAI as C-GGAB with Worldways Canada


Bill Fishwick has provided an interesting piece on some of the engineering features of the original B707-138 which were not incorporated in the B707-138B. Read Bill's story here.


The former VH-EBG still operates with the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as 9Q-CLK. The aircraft has been under overhaul in Miami since August 2010. It was photographed at Miami on 10 January 2011 wearing pseudo Boeing house colours. Thanks to Brian McDonough / for the image.


The former VH-EAA, now a Joint-STARS E-8C with the USAF, has been modified with JT8D-219 engines.


Thanks to Jacob and Jim Forst we have received two recent images of the former VH-EBT in service with the USAF as an E-8C named "Problem Child". Also added a recent image of the former VH-EBV from the same source. These images can be viewed on the Joint-STARS page.


Sadly, VH-EBR faced her final curtain in Tucson yesterday when the last remaining airframe section was torn apart for scrap. Thanks to Bob Maddern in Tucson for the photo.

Recently we were contacted by Morris Fostrey who worked for Tiger Air at the time they modified the former VH-EBA as an executive aircraft. Thanks to Morris for contributing this story about Tiger Air and the Marcos Connection.

Added two new images:
VH-EBA as N138TA at Geneva in September 1981
VH-EBH as VR-CAN with Air Guinee titles which it carried for only one week in September 1979.

Sadly, an increase in scrap metal prices has brought the former VH-EBR another step closer to oblivion. Thanks to Bob Maddern in Tucson for these recent images.

VH-EBR as N449J 14 June 2010
VH-EBR as N449J 18 June 2010
VH-EBR as N449J 26 June 2010

Although it was known that two Qantas 707s diverted to Brisbane in August 1959, the full story has emerged only recently thanks to research by Colin Lock and Bill Fishwick. Read all about The Day the Qantas 707 Fleet Diverted to Brisbane.

There have been 6 new images added to the site:

VH-EBD with VH-EBG at San Francisco (thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society)
VH-EBJ boarding passengers at Sydney (thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society)
VH-EBF in THY livery as TC-JBP
Ansett's VH-HTC in German Cargo livery as D-ABUA

Thanks to Bob Maddern in Tucson we have two images of poor old VH-EBR as she moves another step closer to oblivion. Recently the top of the fuselage was removed to enable the sale of the window panels to a customer in Belgium. The remainder of the airframe will probably survive only until scrap metal prices improve. The two fuselage panels bearing the name Somali Airlines are available for sale to interested parties.

VH-EBR as N449J with the top of the fuselage removed
VH-EBR as N449J showing the Somali Airlines panels


Added two images of the fin and rudder from the former VH-EAG en route to Longreach. Thanks to David Murphy for the photos.
A20-627 fin and rudder
A20-627 fin and rudder


There have been 7 new images added to the site:

VH-EBB undergoing an engine change in Brisbane in August 1959
VH-EBB undergoing an engine change in Brisbane in August 1959
VH-EBB departing Brisbane after an engine change in August 1959
VH-EBS in Malaysian Airlines System livery but still operating as VH-EBS
VH-EBM in TAG livery as N108BN
The RAAF spares aircraft (Hulksbury) in early Saudi Arabian Airlines livery as HZ-ACC
The RAAF spares aircraft (Hulksbury) in later Saudia livery as HZ-ACC

Special thanks to retired Qantas Sales Rep Rex Kirkham for the three images of VH-EBB.

Colin Lock has painstakingly transcribed all of the entries for VH-EBA from the original Maintenance and Flying Record Log held by the Qantas Heritage Collection. The result is a comprehensive record of movements by VH-EBA from its arrival in Sydney on 20JUL59 until its delivery to Pacific Western on 03NOV67. Thank you Colin for this outstanding contribution to the history of VH-EBA.

Added an image of the former VH-EBS in Malaysian Airline System livery as 9M-MCS thanks to Doug Green.


There have been several images added to the site:

VH-EBE as N793NA in storage at San Antonio
VH-EBF as N792FA in El Al colours
VH-EBG as N707KS in VIP config
VH-EBH as VR-CAN in VIP config
VH-EBK as N58937 stripped of paint
VH-EAE in service at Heathrow
VH-EAG with end of 707 era markings
VH-EBX in British Caledonian colours as G-BCAL
VH-EBZ in Flying Tiger colours with El Al titles as N324F
VH-EBZ in Aer Lingus colours with Arkia titles as EI-ASO

Non-Qantas 707 additions:

The RAAF's A20-261 in service with Saudia as HZ-ACI
Transcorp's VH-HTC pre-delivery as D-ABUA


Added an image of the former VH-EAG being dismantled at Richmond. The forward fuselage will be preserved by the RAAF Museum at Point Cook and the fin/rudder will be displayed at the Qantas Founders Museum at Longreach.


There have been several images added to the site.
VH-EBA at Tokyo in 1961.
VH-EBC operating the inaugural SYD/SFO flight on 29JUL59. Thanks Joe Plemenuk.
VH-EBJ as OE-INA in Montana Austria colours.
VH-EBL as N107BN in Braniff colours. Thanks Robert Phillips.
VH-EBM as N108BN in Braniff colours. Thanks Robert Phillips.
VH-EBV as 9J-AEL in Zambia Airways colours #1.
VH-EBV as 9J-AEL in Zambia Airways colours #2.
VH-EBV as 9J-AEL in Zambia Airways colours #3.
VH-EBX as LV-MZE in TAR colours.

There are also several new images of 707s of other operators.
A20-103 RAAF
A20-261 RAAF
VR-HTC Transcorp


Vicki Maynes (nee English) was a Flight Attendant with Airmark Corporation when they operated the former VH-EBA as N220AM. Vicki has kindly provided a photo of herself and fellow Flight Attendant Lynn Daugherty (nee DeGrasse) with Michael Jackson in the cabin of N220AM. Thanks Vicki.


Thanks to the power of the Internet, we have been contacted by David Rowland who was Vice-President Operations for Airmark Corporation when that company operated the former VH-EBA as an executive aircraft. David has provided a detailed insight into Airmark's use of the aeroplane, particularly with regard to the Michael Jackson connection. David has also provided several images of the cabin and the cockpit. Thank you David for this most valuable contribution to the history of this famous aeroplane. Airmark Corporation and the former VH-EBA


Thanks to Jon Proctor for providing this magnificent study of VH-EBA in the special 40th anniversary livery at New York, Idlewild in August 1960.


The former VH-EBG has been sighted at Nairobi bringing President Kabila for talks on the emerging humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks to Jeroen de Clercq for the sighting and this image.


Added an image of the dismantling of EL-AKJ, the other Southend 707. Thanks to Phil Whalley for this sad image.


The latest news from Longreach-on-Sea is that the "QFM Executive Suite of Offices" has not entirely surrendered its green heritage.


Added an image of A20-629 (formerly VH-EAI) in tanker configuration at RAAF Amberley in 2004 thanks to Nick Sayer.


Added an image of VH-EAI in transit at Rome on 9 September 1969. Thanks to Peter Truscott who was a passenger on the aircraft from Hong Kong to London.


Thanks to Yvonne Chong we have added a selection of images from the reception at the Australian High Commission in London on 18 July 2006.


Thanks to Ian Dorling of ATC Lasham in Southend we are able to present the remarkable story of Longreach on Sea.


Thanks to some excellent detective work by 707 enthusiast Richard Vandervord in the UK, we now know that the former VH-EBK was intact much longer than previously believed and in all probability is still intact at the time of writing. Richard's story bears repeating. While his son was watching the movie Black Hawk Down, Richard noticed that one scene included a 707 in the background. Closer examination revealed that it was registered CN-ANS, the former VH-EBK which was last heard of with the Moroccan Government in the late eighties. Further investigation revealed that Black Hawk Down was indeed filmed at Kenitra in Morocco. Using Google Earth, Richard has established that the aeroplane was still intact as recently as 14 December 2006. Thank you Richard. All we need now is for someone to utter those immortal words; "We should go and get that".

VH-EBK as she appeared in Black Hawk Down

VH-EBK as she appears on Google Earth


Added an image of VH-EBA at London Heathrow on 14 September 1963.
Added an image of VH-EAC as G-BDKE during the BCAL lease of 1975.
Added an image of VH-EBB as TC-JBN with Turkish Airlines.
Added an image of VH-EBB in executive configuration as N790FA.
Added an image of VH-EBO as 9V-BFN with Singapore Airlines Cargo.
Added an image of VH-EBT as G-BFLE in LAM livery.
Added an image of HS-125 VH-ECF on the grass at Hatfield.


The nose section of VR-CAN (formerly VH-EBH) is to be converted into a simulator. Thanks to Dan Brownlee for this image.


Following the retirement of the last RAAF 707 on 30 June, changes have been made to the layout of the site. The page which previously recorded 707 operators other than Qantas (RAAF and Ansett) has been split into two. The RAAF page has been expanded with new information and images. Similarly, the Ansett page now includes two images of their aeroplane.


The full story of the restoration of VH-XBA is now accessible in the public area of this website.

The Daily Diary - Vol 1 (30JAN06 to 21NOV06)

The Daily Diary - Vol 2 (22NOV06 to 07DEC06)


Dick Woodrow has provided a list of his flights on VH-EBA from 17OCT63 to 13FEB66. These details have been incorporated into the history of VH-EBA.


It has been our practice to include contributed log book extracts for VH-EBA within the history page for the aeroplane. Although this will continue, there have been several instances where these contributions have been sufficiently extensive to demand presentation as a stand-alone document. These documents, which can be viewed as a PDF (Portable Document Format), have been listed in a table on the page for VH-EBA.


Added a summary of arrivals of non-British subjects on VH-EBA from 27AUG59 to 14FEB67 sourced from the National Archives of Australia by Colin Lock. This summary can be downloaded as a PDF here.


Added a summary of flights by VH-EBA from 26JUL59 to 31OCT67 sourced from the log book of Bill Strangward by Colin Lock. This summary can be downloaded as a PDF here.


Added a summary of flights by CF-PWV (formerly VH-EBA) from 23NOV67 to 15APR68 sourced from the log book of Bill Strangward by Colin Lock. This summary can be downloaded as a PDF here.


The former VH-EBG, now 9Q-CLK, is on the move again in connection with meetings regarding the disputed Zimbabwe election.


The page on the Qantas HS-125s has been expanded and several new images have been added. The page now includes a brief reference to the Department of Civil Aviation HS-125 VH-CAO and the Department's lease of VH-ECE while their own aircraft was being repaired after a landing accident. Unfortunately, "Mouse" still defies identification.


Recently, Bill Fishwick challenged the statement that the Qantas HS-125s were not given individual names. Bill had a distinct recollection that one of the aircraft was named "Mouse" for a brief period. Much discussion ensued and several engineers supported Bill's recollection although none could provide any proof. That was until Roger Chin delved into his archives. Thanks to Roger, who is still licensed on the aeroplane, we have been able to add this image of Mouse. We are still trying to establish which aeroplane carried the name.


Added an image of the former VH-EBA in Pacific Western livery as C-FPWV.

Added an image of VH-EBC in September 1959, probably taken at Honolulu. This image comes from the collection of the late Barry Flood, one of the founders of the Queensland Air Museum.

Reader Stephen Swayne has contributed this image of a certificate which was presented to him to commemorate his crossing the equator on VH-EBN. Thanks Steve.


Bill Fishwick has now provided us with a written account of his time at Avalon in the early days of the 707. Bill's story complements the wonderful photographs which he contributed earlier. Thanks Bill.

Bill's Story

Bill's Photos


Sometimes it is possible to admire an image of a beautiful aeroplane without appreciating what is going on at the time the photo was taken. Robert Phillips has elaborated on the circumstances surrounding this image of the former VH-EBB which was supplied by Paul Hockey. Thanks Robert.

N790SA #1


Added an image of the former VH-EBG as N707KS when the aircraft was owned by Sheikh Salem bin Laden.


Bill Fishwick has contributed an account of an engine change on VH-EAI in Tahiti in May 1971. The story is illustrated with several of Bill's wonderful photos.


Added five new images:
VH-EBD in Laker Airways livery as G-AVZZ
VH-EBO with GAS Air Cargo titles as 5N-ARQ
VH-EBT in Gulf Air Cargo colours as G-BFLE
N7099 in TMA colours (very faded) as OD-AFY
N7099 in TMA colours (freshly painted) as OD-AFY


Thanks to Phil Vabre of the Civil Aviation Historical Society, we have an interesting photo of an unidentified crew member in the cockpit of VH-EBB, probably not long after the aeroplane was delivered to Sydney. Can anyone identify the gentleman?
Next time you are in Melbourne, visit the CAHS Airways Museum at Essendon.


Thanks to Lumain van Vuuren, General Manager Admin of FAAircraft Interiors and Exteriors (Pty) Ltd in Lanseria, South Africa, we have a comprehensive selection of images of the recent refurbishment of the former VH-EBG.
Thanks also to Barry Stanley who has provided interesting anecdotes regarding VH-EBG when she served with British Eagle and Laker.
Thanks also to Ian Gurney for telling us about an eventful ferry flight in SU-FAB, formerly VH-EBI.


Bill Fishwick has discovered another batch of slides taken at Avalon and Sydney in 1959-61. These have been appended to his earlier contribution. Thanks Bill.


She lives! The elusive VH-EBG has turned up in South Africa. The aeroplane is still in service with the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as 9Q-CLK. She was photographed at Lanseria, South Africa just ten days ago while visiting for interior modifications. Thanks to Ian Malcolm of AFAVIA for the images.

9Q-CLK #1
9Q-CLK #2
9Q-CLK #3
9Q-CLK #4


Thanks to a heads-up from QFM's Patron, Ron Yates, we have learned that Karen Glass delivered a talk on the 707 Project to the Qantas Flight Hostess Club at the august Queen's Club on 22 May. A transcript of Karen's talk can be found here.


Now that XBA is not making history on a daily basis, I have been able to catch up with a backlog of historical images.

VH-EBD in the V-Jet scheme at San Francisco thanks to Bill Fishwick.
VH-EBK on her way to BWIA as 9Y-TDB thanks to Russell Smith.
VH-EBF in the original livery thanks to Daryl Jordan.
VH-EBL on the production line thanks to Fran Short.
VH-EBL with C.O. Turner thanks to Fran Short.
VH-EBL fresh out of the paintshop thanks to Fran Short.
VH-EBL on the flight line thanks to Fran Short.
VH-EBM during JT's recent visit to Stansted thanks to Keith Burton.
VH-EBM during JT's recent visit to Stansted thanks to Keith Burton.
VH-EBQ in MAS colours as 9M-MCQ thanks to Peter Gates.
VH-EBC in the original livery thanks to Peter Gates.
VH-EBF in the V-Jet scheme thanks to Peter Gates.
VH-EBJ in the V-Jet scheme thanks to Peter Gates.
VH-EBH in BWIA colours as 9Y-TDC from the Webmaster's collection.
VH-EBJ in Montana colours as OE-INA from the Webmaster's collection.
VH-EBM as N707JT from the Webmaster's collection.
N7099 in an all white scheme as OD-AFY from the Webmaster's collection.
VH-EBU with military serial 67-30053 (JSTARS) from the Webmaster's collection.


Now that VH-XBA has been decommissioned at Longreach, we have been able to close off the Daily Diary with Norman King's final report. Highlight of this report is a sound recording of Ian Dorling's moving speech at the Longreach dinner on 10 June 2007.

Even though the Daily Diary is now concluded, this website will be maintained indefinitely, albeit at a less frenetic pace.


There is a new page on Qantas 707 operations to Saigon during the Vietnam war. Skippy Squadron organiser and former Qantas Flight Service Director, Alan Kitchen, particularly wants to hear from Qantas tech crew who operated these flights.


There have been two additions to our collection of VH-XBA video.
The Canberra crew familiarisation flights on 7 June thanks to Steve Rowland.
The arrival in Longreach on 10 June thanks to Greg Weir.
Added an image of VH-EBA after withdrawal from Qantas service in October 1967. Thanks to Neil Follett.


As VH-XBA prepares to depart Sydney for the last time, it is appropriate that we should be able to present a series of 40 year-old images depicting what was thought at the time to be her last departure from Sydney. These photographs of EBA prior to her delivery to Pacific Western Airlines as CF-PWV, were taken by Paul Hockey who probably imagined it was the last time he would see EBA. Little was he to know in 1967 that nearly 40 years later, EBA would re-enter his life in a big way. Paul is one of the volunteer engineers who made it possible for EBA to return to Australia permanently.


Paul has also contributed two images of the former VH-EBB prior to delivery to Standard Airways as N790SA.

N790SA #1
N790SA #2

Many thanks Paul.


Added a new page titled Qantas and the 707. This page was written by Dr Ron Yates who is the world authority on the subject. Our thanks to Ron Yates for permission to reproduce this paper.


Charles Page has sent us a remarkable story of how VH-EBA touched his life. Don't miss A Page from the History of VH-EBA. Thank you Charles.


Added two new pages.
The Long and the Short of "The Qantas Boeing" tells the true story of how the 707-138 came to be 10 feet shorter than other 707s.
QFM's Quotable Quotes lists some of the more memorable quotes from the QFM 707 Project, the printable ones anyway!


The remarkable story of X-RAY BRAVO ALPHA has been told on a series of 11 panels which have been placed on display at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum in Longreach. All 11 panels can be viewed here.


Noted aviation artist, Nikyla Smith, has just completed a magnificent painting of VH-EBA arriving over Sydney Harbour on her delivery flight. The painting is featured here.


Peter Gates has filled a gap in our photo coverage with an image of VH-EBR in the V-Jet livery. Can anyone identify the location? Thanks Peter.


Bruce Hoy has provided us with two images of VH-EBA taken at Eagle Farm, Brisbane on 19 December 1959. Bruce has been able to deduce the exact date as he recalls that he was at the airport to meet his eldest brother who was returning to Brisbane on the Qantas Super Constellation from Port Moresby. The photos were taken by his father, Eric Hoy. Thanks Bruce.

VH-EBA Loading at Brisbane
VH-EBA This image includes vehicles from three fuel companies.


Bob Kennedy has provided a dramatic photo of VH-EBB landing at Sydney on its delivery flight on 2 July 1959. Thank you Bob.


Des Sullivan from the Qantas Heritage Collection has kindly provided three very interesting photographs:

VH-EBH wearing the interim livery as N-93134
VH-EBI wearing the interim livery prior to delivery
VH-EBI wearing the interim livery and the name Winton after delivery

Thank you Des.


This day in history.
On 7 February 1968 (39 years ago today), the former VH-EBC collided with a building at Vancouver Airport. This photo by Tom Grant was brought to the attention of the Webmaster on this day by Bill Fishwick and approved for use on the website by Tom Grant, also on 7 February. The caption to the photo includes Tom Grant's eyewitness account of the accident as well as a report by Graham Collins on the collateral damage to other aircraft. Thank you Tom and Graham.


David Long has reminded us what a priceless mine of information is to be found in a pilot's log book. David has put his log book to good use to describe his endorsement on the B707-138B while also emphatically putting the business case for the simulator!

The following new images have been added:

VH-EBB at Heathrow in the V-Jet livery (Thanks to Rod McDonnell)
VH-EBG at Heathrow in the V-Jet livery (Thanks to Frank Knottenbeld)
VH-EBI at Heathrow in partial V-Jet livery (Thanks to Frank Knottenbeld)
VH-EBK at Heathrow in the V-Jet livery (Thanks to Frank Knottenbeld)

Frank Knottenbeld advises that he went in search of the former VH-EBP at Cairo in March 2004 only to be told that the aeroplane had been broken up three months earlier. The aircraft had been in use as a restaurant. Frank also advises that the nose section of the leased freighter N7099 is intended for use as a dive wreck!

Richard Vandervord has contributed a very early 707-138 Safety Procedures folder.

Thank you to all contributors.


David Long has contributed an interesting story about The Slender Rice Flower. Thank you David.

In a similar vein, there is also a new page describing the 707-138 Cabin. Thanks to Bill Fishwick and Victor Warren.


When Phill Aberline was seconded from Qantas to Air Pacific, he probably never anticipated that it would fall to him to have the honour of affixing the City of Canberra name and coat of arms to VH-XBA during her Nadi stopover. However, this was not to be Phill's only contribution to the project. During his time in Fiji, he made the acquaintance of a gentleman by the name of Victor Warren. Victor used to live in Vancouver where his wife was a flight attendant with Canadian Pacific. Victor, bless him, liked to photograph aeroplanes and sometime around 1960 he took a series of colour slides of a Qantas Boeing 707-138 at Vancouver. Significantly, Victor also photographed the first class and economy class cabins. What is of even greater significance is that the aeroplane was VH-EBA. Enjoy!

VH-EBA Head-on view
VH-EBA City of Melbourne
VH-EBA Rear view with a Canadian Pacific Britannia
VH-EBA The First Class cabin
VH-EBA The Economy Class cabin

Thank you to Victor and Phill.


Added 4 new images:
VH-EBN as 9V-BFW with Singapore Airlines titles removed
VH-EBU as B-2426 with Shanghai Airlines
VH-EAA as OO-YCK with Young Cargo
VH-EAA as N733Q in African Express colours


Bill Fishwick has provided an outstanding selection of 16 colour images which he took at Avalon soon after 707 deliveries began in 1959. These remarkable images can be viewed here. Thanks Bill.


Thanks to Southend resident, Tony Rogers, we have video of the two test flights by VH-XBA. The videos are hosted on You Tube and you can find the links here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers.


Readers can now follow the progress of the delivery flight of VH-XBA.


Thanks to Malcolm Nason for driving from Shannon to Dublin to take this sequence of images of VH-XBA landing in Dublin on 8 December.



Thanks to Gabe Basco in Tenerife for this striking photo of VH-XBA landing at Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia on 8 December.



Again thanks to Keith Burton we have 8 images of VH-XBA's final departure from Southend. As a Southend resident with a passion for 707s, this was probably a sad occasion for Keith as he has been photographing this aeroplane at SEN for many years. Thank you Keith for your outstanding contribution to the history of the aeroplane.



Keith Burton has provided more of his wonderful images of VH-XBA's second test flight on 6 December. Thank you Keith.



Added an image of VH-EAH in Qantas service. Thanks to Rod McDonnell.


Southend resident, Keith Burton, was on hand to record these beautiful images of VH-XBA's first test flight on 2 December. Thank you Keith.



Thanks to Keith Burton for three stunning images of the taxy trials.



Added four new photos.

VH-EBG as N600JJ in the gold top livery
VH-EBL as N107BN with Merpati Nusantara
VH-EAB as TF-AEC with ZAS Airline of Egypt
VH-EBN as PT-WSZ with Skymaster Airlines of Brazil


For reasons of completeness, there is now a page listing Australian Boeing 707 operators other than Qantas.


For one day in 1992, the former VH-EBO which had left Qantas service twenty years earlier, was named "City of Townsville" once again for old time's sake. Read why.
Thanks Bert.


Results from the search page indicate that readers have been looking for 707 specifications. Thanks to the assistance of Tracey Smiley, there is now a page on 707-138B Specifications.


Added two new photos of VH-EBG taken at Seattle prior to delivery.

VH-EBG The crew inspecting the fifth pod.
VH-EBG Showing the fifth pod and the noise suppressors.

Thanks to Tracey Smiley for sourcing these wonderful photos.
Please contact the Webmaster if you can assign names to the two unidentified crew members in the first photo.

Added two new photos of VH-EBM.
VH-EBM taking-off from Brisbane circa 1965 thanks to retired Qantas Flight Attendant, John Stanley.
VH-EBM as John Travolta's N707JT in the earlier blue livery.

As a result of the official launch of the QFM 707 Project on 9 October 2006, the QFM page has been expanded to include several Honour Rolls recording the names of project team members.
The history of VH-EBA has been expanded with the addition of flight details from the log book of Captain Howard Morris.

Did you fly EBA? Please send your log book details (date and sector) to the Webmaster.
Added a new page on the HS125 trainers which Qantas operated during the 707 era. Although they can never claim to be a 707, they certainly qualify as the 707's
Little Sisters
Added three new images thanks to Keith Burton:
VH-EBA in executive configuration as HZ-123
VH-EBA in storage at Southend as HZ-123
VH-EBA in storage at Southend as HZ-123
Added two new images:
VH-EBB in executive configuration as N138SR
VH-EBM as John Travolta's N707JT
Added a new gallery of 12 photos of VH-EBA on a pre-delivery photo sortie while still wearing the U.S. test registration N31239. Although it is obvious that the originals would have been stunning, it is unfortunate that these images had to be scanned from small prints which were badly deteriorated. Nevertheless, they should bring much enjoyment to readers. Thanks to Tracey Smiley for sourcing these images from Boeing.
The aircraft history pages have undergone a major reorganisation. Previously, all B707-138B were listed together on one page and all the B707-338C were listed together on another page. As the histories have grown, so too has the length of these two pages. Accordingly, these pages have been split up and each aeroplane now has its own dedicated page. Apart from reducing the time it takes to load a combined page, it also improves the accuracy of the search function. As before, aircraft histories can be accessed from the Qantas menu which provides a link to all B707-138B and to all B707-338C. Each individual aircraft history page has a menu from which other aircraft of the same type can be selected. Please report any difficulties or broken links to the Webmaster.
Added a page of 707-138B Seating Configurations.
This website now has a search engine. The search facility is a free service of FreeFind and for this reason there will be advertising on the search result pages. However, such advertising is text only and very unobtrusive. Please note that although the search engine will take you to a page or a selection of pages on this site, it may not take you directly to the desired reference within the page. Remember you can use your browser's search function (Ctrl + F) to search within a page. Please advise the Webmaster if you experience any difficulties with the search engine.
Added another bumper crop of images. This time they are all of VH-EBA on the production line and during test flying in the U.S. and after conversion to turbofan. There is also a wonderful photo of Sir Hudson Fysh in the right hand seat of the Dash 80 prototype. Thanks to Tracey Smiley who sourced these images from Boeing and Qantas.

Added a new page which lists all of the production serial numbers assigned to each aircraft. The individual aircraft histories, which previously included only the Manufacturer's Serial Number and the Line Number, have been amended to include the Cumulative Line Number and the Engineering Block Number.

Also added a page entitled What's so special about EBA anyway? This page has links to a potted history of EBA as well as an EBA image gallery (which duplicates images already in the main gallery).
Added a bumper crop of 16 images, all thanks to Tom Singfield.
VH-EBF with 40th anniversary markings in colour
VH-EBH in British West Indian Airways colours as 9Y-TDC
VH-EBK in British West Indian Airways colours as 9Y-TDB
VH-EAB in Young Cargo colours as VH-EAB
VH-EAB in Young Cargo colours as OO-YCL
VH-EAB in Air Arctic Icelandic colours as TF-AEC
VH-EAC in Qantas ochre colours
VH-EBN in Singapore Airlines Cargo colours as 9V-BFW
VH-EBQ in Somali Airlines colours as 6O-SBM
VH-EBW with Red Cross markings as EL-AKH
VH-EBZ in Aer Lingus colours as EI-ASO
VH-EBZ with Zambia Airways titles as 9J-AEC
VH-EBZ in Zambia Airways colours as 9J-AEC
VH-EBZ with Bangladesh Biman titles as S2-ACG
VH-EBZ in Aer Lingus colours as S2-ACG
VH-EBZ in Libyan Arab colours as EI-ASO
Many thanks Tom for this outstanding contribution.
Added a new image of VH-EBA in the revised Pacific Western livery as C-FPWV taken at Paris in June 1976. Thanks to Tom Singfield for this photo.
Added two new images.
VH-EBB in basic white as N790FA
VH-EAJ in British Caledonian livery as G-BDSJ
Ken Cannane has discovered that the registration VH-EVA was reserved for the first 707 although it was not taken up and the aeroplane became VH-EBA. Qantas even retouched a familiar pre-delivery photograph to produce a poster showing the aeroplane as VH-EVA.
Added no fewer than eight new images:
VH-EBB in another variation of the gold and white colours as N790FA
VH-EBD in the striking British Eagle livery as G-AVZZ "Enterprise"
VH-EBF in full El Al livery as N792FA
VH-EAF in a stunning take-off shot thanks to Bruce Hoy
VH-EBU after the bird strike in Calcutta. Thanks to Peter Mangold and Alan Kitchen
VH-EBU examining the damage after the bird strike
VH-EBU in Air Niugini livery as P2-ANH thanks to Bruce Hoy
Added two images of VH-EBW at Port Moresby thanks to Bruce Hoy.
VH-EBW on finals
VH-EBW close-up of nose
Added an image of 5Y-AXA (formerly VH-EAA) in the basic Air Niugini livery with African Express - Kenya titles.
Added an image of VH-EAG at Port Moresby. Thanks to Bruce Hoy.
Added an image of A20-627 (formerly VH-EAG) refuelling a Hornet.
Added no fewer than eight new images:
VH-EBE in the Bahamas World dolphin livery as VP-BDE
VH-EBI in the Braniff International red livery as N105BN
VH-EBI in the Braniff International green livery as N105BN
VH-EBL in the Braniff International red livery as N107BN
VH-EBJ in Misr Overseas livery as SU-FAA
VH-EBT in Pakistan International Cargo livery as G-BFLE
VH-EBW in British Caledonian Cargo livery as G-BDEA
VH-EAI in British Caledonian livery as G-BDLM

Special thanks to Bob Garrard in the United States for allowing us to use his glorious photos of the Braniff aeroplanes.
As we approach the first anniversary of this website, we can reflect on how much information we have been able to gather together on our chosen subject. Indeed, there is too much to risk losing it. Whilst museum professionals like to think in terms of perpetuity, routine backup procedures are not enough. For this reason, the site has been submitted to the National Library of Australia Pandora Project to be considered for online and offline archiving. It is very pleasing to report that the site has been accepted. Pandora confers upon us the following benefits:

"The National Library of Australia will take the necessary preservation action to keep your publication accessible as hardware and software changes over time. The Library will catalogue your publication and add the record to the National Bibliographic Database (a database of catalogue records shared by over 1,100 Australian libraries), as well as to our own online catalogue. This will increase awareness of your publication among researchers using libraries."

Read more about Pandora
Added a new image of the former VH-EBB as N790FA post-GTM at Munich in 1982.
(GTM = Gold Tap Mod)
Added a new image of the former VH-EBX awaiting scrapping at Miami as LV-MZE circa 1994.
Retired Captain David Long has made a truly outstanding contribution to the site. David has attempted to compile a comprehensive listing of all Qantas Boeing 707 crew from the commencement of operations in 1959 until the final service in 1979. David is first to admit that the list will not be definitive and there may be some names which were caught in the net and perhaps should not be on the list. Nevertheless, David is to be congratulated for tackling such a formidable task. Any additions and/or corrections will be welcome.
The List
Added two new images:
VH-EBG in a striking gold livery as N600JJ
VH-EAC in Worldways livery as C-GRYN
Another item of memorabilia has been added to the site. It is a thirty page booklet titled "Welcome Aboard Your Qantas Jetliner". It was printed in July 1959 for distribution to passengers on the new 707. A pocket inside the back cover contains a bar price list dated March 1959. The booklet was clearly intended for passengers who had never flown on a jet aeroplane. If you yearn for a time when it wasn't un-cool to wax poetic about the magic of flight, this little booklet will delight. Start your trip down memory lane here
Added four new images:
VH-EBG in executive configuration as N600JJ
N707KS - not the former VH-EBG but rather an ex Pan Am 707-321B which took up this registration after the former VH-EBG was re-registered from N707KS to N707SK. Confusing? Certainly. That's why this image is presented on this site in the hope of avoiding future confusion.
VH-EBB in Turk Hava Yollari livery as TC-JBN (Thanks to Gordon Reid)
VH-EBJ in Montana Austria livery as OE-INA (Thanks to Gordon Reid)
The page on the History of the 707 now includes photos of the Dash 80 on display at the NASM in Washington and a KC-97 Stratofreighter on display at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Special thanks to Pete Clukey for these photos.
Added an image of the former VH-EBP with TWA as N14791.
Added three new images:
VH-EBH in storage at Marana as VR-CAN
VH-EAB in Nile Safaris Aviation livery as 5B-DAY
VH-EAC in Ontario Worldair livery as C-GRYN
Added an image of the former VH-EBG in executive configuration as N707SK.
Added an image of the former VH-EBB as N138SR derelict and abandoned at Port Harcourt, Nigeria. This image is reproduced with the permission of the photographer Konstantin von Wedelstaedt. Thanks Konstantin.
Added an image of the former VH-EBI as OE-IRA in the attractive livery of Montana Flugdienst of Austria.
Added a very recent image of the former VH-EBA as HZ-123 stored at Southend. This photo was taken by Tom Coe on 9th October 2005 i.e. three days ago! Thanks Tom.
The history of VH-EBB has been updated to reflect a recent report that N138SR (the former VH-EBB) was sighted at Port Harcourt, Nigeria on 16 April 2005. Although reported as "withdrawn from use", this probably just means that nobody has got around to scrapping it yet.
Added a new image of the former VH-EBA as N220AM with Airmark Corp.
The 707-138 Gallery has been reformatted slightly to show images of VH-EBA in a separate gold frame (because she's special!)
Added three new images:
VH-EBI as SU-FAB with West Coast Airlines titles
VH-EAA as TF-AEB with Air Arctic Icelandic titles
VH-EAA as TF-AEB with Kenya Airways titles
Added a new image of the former VH-EBN as HK-3030X with Tampa of Colombia.
Added a new image of the former VH-EBG as G-AWDG with Laker.
Added four new images:
VH-EBP as SU-BBA with Air Cargo Egypt
VH-EBT as N861BX with Burlington Air Express
VH-EAB as 5B-DAY with Avistar
N7099 as OD-AFY with TMA
Added a new image of the former VH-EBD as G-AVZZ with International Caribbean. (This is a better photograph replacing an earlier image).
Added a new image of the former VH-EAF as a freighter with Korean Air Lines as HL7432.
The aircraft histories now have added functionality. A small camera icon has been added to each history to indicate that there is a photo in the Galleries. The camera icon is linked to the relevant photo.
707-138B histories
707-338C histories
Added more detail of the Qantas service of the VH-EA aeroplanes thanks to Eric Favelle. Similar detail for the VH-EB aeroplanes has been present on the site for some time. Eric, incidentally, claims the distinction of being the last staff passenger to be offloaded from a Qantas 707!
Added a new image of the former VH-EAB in ZAS Airline of Egypt livery as SU-DAE
We are extremely grateful to Greg Banfield who has contributed no fewer than ten new images to the site. These include the elusive freighter N7099 and a particularly attractive portrait of VH-EAG. A summary of Greg's photographs follows:

VH-EAA Ochre
VH-EAG Ochre
N7099 Freighter

Also added two new images recently acquired by the Webmaster:
VH-EBA in Tiger Air livery as N138TA
VH-EBK in TAG livery as N58937
Thanks to Stewart Wilson, publisher of "AERO Australia" magazine, Geoff Brown's article "V-Jetliner Pioneers", which was added to the site earlier as a series of scanned images, can now be downloaded in its entirety as a PDF. This page also includes a link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required to view the article.
Added a new image of the former VH-EBT in British Midland livery as G-BFLE coming over the fence.
Something special was added today. This image of VH-EBA in Pacific Western Airlines livery as CF-PWV was taken in June 1973.
Readers of the magazine "AERO Australia" will be familiar with Geoff Brown's excellent article "V-Jetliner Pioneers" which describes the early days of Qantas Boeing 707 operations. By kind permission of the publisher Stewart Wilson and the author Geoff Brown, the entire article, including Eric Allen's photos, has been added to the site and can be read here.

A history of the development of the 707 has been added and can be read here.
Added three new images:
VH-EBN in SIA livery with Arrow Air titles as N707GB
VH-EBT with Ariana Afghan Airlines titles as G-BFLE
VH-EBU in Train Cargo Peru livery as N707HW
Added no fewer than eight new images:
VH-EBA a wonderful aerial photo in V-Jet livery. (Thanks to Nick Sayer)
VH-EBD at Karachi during the delivery flight. (Thanks to Nick Sayer)
VH-EBD taking-off from Singapore during the delivery flight. (Thanks to Nick Sayer)
VH-EBE on a promotional visit to Adelaide. (Thanks to Phil Vabre)
VH-EAE in Burlington Air Express livery as N862BX.
VH-EAE in ADC Airlines livery as 5N-BBD.

The eighth image is a bit of a "ring-in". It shows Tradewinds Airways (UK) B707-323C G-BFEO with a large Qantas sticker aft of door 1L. The aeroplane is obviously a freighter and was apparently chartered by Qantas. Does anyone know the details?

There are now 51 images on the site.
Added a new page on 707 Art. To date it features the work of just one artist but we have been honoured with five contributions from one of Australia's foremost aviation artists - Juanita Franzi. Readers may recognise these colour profiles as they featured in Stewart Wilson's book on the "707, DC-8 and VC-10". They have been reproduced here with Juanita's kind permission.
Added an image of VH-EBF in partial Bouraq livery as N792FA.(Before they cut the holes in it!)
Added three new flown covers to the 707 Philately page.
Thanks again to Phil Vabre.
Added a new page titled 707 Memorabilia. To date it includes a selection of 707 postcards and trading cards and a Qantas promotional folder commemorating the 10th anniversary of the first commercial jet service across the Pacific. Other items of Qantas 707 memorabilia will always be welcome.

The 707 Philately page now includes four new flown covers which were supplied by Phil Vabre. Phil is the Webmaster of the Civil Aviation Historical Society whose website is highly recommended.
Added an image of VH-EBX with TAR as LV-MZE.
Added a new page titled 707 Philately.To date it includes only four flown covers but it is hoped that readers will be able to supply more. Please contact the Webmaster if you have any Qantas 707 philatelic material.
Added three new images:
VH-EBA at HZ-123 with the Saudi Government.
VH-EBB as N138SR at Zurich in 1994.
VH-EAA as N526SJ in CF AirFreight livery.
Added three new images:
VH-EBA at Heathrow, probably in 1959.
VH-EBB as N138SR as used by Michael Jackson.
VH-EBN as HK-3030X in Tampa Colombia livery.
Added one new image of VH-EBT departing from Brisbane.
Added a Photo Checklist page to indicate at a glance which aeroplanes are illustrated on the site and therefore those for which images are required.

Added three new images:
VH-EBM as N108BN in TAG livery.
VH-EAE as G-BFLD with British Midland.
VH-EBV as ST-ALP with Trans Arabian Air Transport.
Added three new images:
VH-EBR as 6O-SBN in Somali Airlines livery.
VH-EBU as OB-T-1264 in Train Cargo livery.
VH-EAA as 5Y-AXA in African Express livery.
Added one new image:
VH-EBT as G-BFLE in British Midland livery.
Added two new images:
VH-EAI as C-GGAB in Worldways livery and RAAF titles
VH-EAJ as 5X-UBC in Uganda Airlines livery
Added three new images of former Qantas 707s in E-8 Joint-STARS configuration:
VH-EBV 92-3290 (USAF photo)
VH-EAA 90-0175 (Thanks to Michael Schmidt)
VH-EAF 86-0416 (USAF photo)
Added two new images:
VH-EBU as G-EOCO in Anglo Cargo livery
VH-EBL as PK-MBA in Merpati Nusantara livery
Added three new images:
VH-EBD as G-AVZZ with Laker Airways/International Caribbean
VH-EBD as N500JJ in basic Laker livery
VH-EBO as 5N-ARQ in Allied Air livery
Also added a 707 Chronology
Added three new images:
VH-EBG as G-AWDG with Laker Airways. (Thanks to John Woodside)
VH-EBR as 9M-MCR with Malaysian Airline System (Thanks to Arno Janssen)
VH-EBR as N449J in Somali Airlines livery (Thanks to Arno Janssen)
Added an image of VH-EBO as 5N-ARQ with DAS Air Cargo.
Added two more images of 138s post-Qantas.
VH-EBJ in Egypt Air livery as SU-FAA
VH-EBM in executive configuration as N707XX (replacing an earlier, less sharp photo)
Added a sad image of VH-EBF after being extensively parted out at Marana. Thanks to Peter Gates for this photo.
Added an image of VH-EBF carrying the special 40th Anniversary tail markings. Thanks to Jennifer Gradidge for this photo.
Added two more images of 138s post-Qantas.
VH-EBH in exceutive configuration as VR-CAN
VH-EBI in Misr Overseas Airways livery as SU-FAB
Having yesterday added an image of the former VH-EBC in less than favourable circumstances, we now have an image of what the aeroplane looked like before the accident. Thanks again to Henry Tenby.
Added an image of the former VH-EBC with her nose buried in a hangar at Vancouver after her accident while in service with Canadian Pacific as N791SA. Thanks to Henry Tenby.