Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA/A-28
L-414-56 Hudson Mk III (converted)
MSN: 6041
Previous Identities: 41-23182
Subsequent Identities: VH-KOY
Owner: No 100 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force.
Operator: Temora Aviation Museum, Temora, NSW


05DEC41 Received 2 Aircraft Depot, Richmond ex U.S.A. with Pratt & Whitney engines. (Source: 3)
13DEC41 Flight tested. (Source: 3)
23DEC41 Allotted to the Operational Training Unit having been fitted with dual controls. (Source: 3)
08JUL42 Issued to 14 Sqn. (Source: 3)
22DEC42 Issued to 32 Sqn. (Source: 3)
03MAY43 To proceed to 6 Sqn via 5AD, Forest Hill for fitment of ASV and IFF equipment. (Source: 3)
20MAY43 Issued to 6 Sqn. (Source: 3)
24AUG43 Allotted to 1AD, Laverton ex 6Sqn for modification as Survey Flight aircraft. (Source: 3)
19MAY44 Issued to Survey Flight. (Source: 3)
08JUN44 Approval for removal of auxiliary fuel tanks. (Source: 3)
06MAY46 Allotted to 2AD, Richmond ex the Survey Flight for storage. (Source: 3)
14MAY46 Received 2AD, Richmond. (Source: 3)
29NOV46 Sold to Mr Ellis, Sherman's Motors, Dubbo for 1,000. (Source: 3)
04SEP47 Above sale cancelled. (Source: 3)
10SEP47 Sold to Mr S Godden, Potts Point, Sydney NSW. (Source: 3)
13OCT47 Issued to purchaser. (Source: 3)
The aircraft was ferried to Camden for storage by Intercontinental Air Maintenance. (Source: 2)
23APR49 Archie Smith claims that Dick Hartnell and he ferried the aircraft from Camden to Tamworth on this date but the flight was more likely Camden-Bankstown given that on 22JUL49 (which see) East-West wrote to DCA requesting a ferry permit from Bankstown to Tamworth. (Source: 5)

East-West's records show that the aeroplane was purchased from the Shell Company in JAN50 but the transaction is understood to have proceeded as follows:

A16-112 was purchased at disposals by Stanley Godden although paid for by his business partner Warren Penny who subsequently sold the Hudson to Mr F. Megna who was a director of Intercontinental Air Tours. Penny later repossessed A16-112 and gave it to the Shell Company as a guarantee against his fuel bills. (Source: 2)

This arrangement was later formalised when Penny sold the aeroplane to Shell for 250. (Revealed in Warren Penny's bankruptcy proceedings in July 1949). According to the East-West board minutes, A16-112 was purchased from Shell although it was also included in a package of six Hudsons acquired from the Macquarie Grove Flying School so it would appear that either MGFS or East-West's agent Wilmore Aviation Services were selling the aircraft on behalf of Shell.
27APR49 East-West Airlines wrote to DCA enclosing an Application for Registration for A16-112. Registration BNJ has been hand-written on the letter in DCA files. EWA advise that: "The aircraft is at present under conversion for the execution of its CofA requirements with Messrs. Curtis Madsen Aircraft Pty. Ltd., Bankstown, where the aircraft may be inspected." (Source: 4)
22JUL49 East-West Airlines wrote to DCA requesting approval to ferry VH-BNJ from Bankstown to Tamworth. Major overhaul, including fitment of overhauled engines and propellers to be completed by Curtis Madsen at Bankstown, but EWA wish to complete the following themselves at Tamworth owing to the unavailability of manpower at Sydney and the desire to complete the conversion in a much shorter period:
Flooring to approved drawing.
Fitting of approved seats to floor.
Cold air duct.
Toilet compartment to approved drawing.
Bomb-door access door re-work to approved drawing.
Interior soundproofing and lining.
Radio installation by A.W.A.
(Source: 4)
13OCT49 EWA wrote to DCA: "We find it essential for passenger comfort to add an extra window ... We propose using a standard Hudson window and require it on starboard side only. We would like your opinion on the matter before submitting proper drawings."
(Source: 4)
27OCT49 Additional Work to be carried out at Tamworth on Lockheed Hudson VH-BNJ:

1. Baggage door on port bomb bay door, to approved drawing.
2. Toilet compartment to approved drawing including wash basin and water tank.
3. Cold air ventilating system to approved drawing.
4. Rework of existing heating system to approved drawing.
5. Cabin lining consisting of 24 gauge Alclad DTD390, sprayed with "Spraytex" finish. Sound-proofing consisting of 2 layers of "Tropal" between lining of cabin, pilots door and toilet door bulkhead.
6. Flooring to be 1/2" waterproof bonded plywood and floor covering of a fire resisting quality yet to be selected.
7. Curtains to be fabric of a fire resisting quality or treated to resist fire.
8. Nose luggage compartment flooring to be 3/8" waterproof bonded plywood and sides of fuselage 3/8" thick by 3" wide waterproof bonded plywood runners fore and aft of fuselage.
9. Fitting of additional window between stations 358 and 378 starboard side to approved drawing.
10. Completion of escape hatch in cabin roof to approved drawing.
11. Fitting of approved windscreen wiper to pilot's window.
12. Fitting of sixteen passenger seats manufactured to approved drawing.
13. Completion of electrical installations.
14. Completion of radio installations by A.W.A.
  (Source: 4)
08DEC49 CofR 1682 and CofA 1649 and registration VH-BNJ granted for 16 passengers and 3 crew.
09DEC49 Test flown at Tamworth after civil conversion by East-West Airlines. Flown by Dick Hartnell and Archie Smith. Special attention was paid to balance and the travel of the Fowler flaps was limited to 75 degrees. (Source: 5)
10DEC49 Flown to Glen Innes by Archie Smith for single engine tests and other performance checks. (Source: 5)
15DEC49 Flown to Sydney by Dick Hartnell and Archie Smith for night flying training at Mascot. (Source: 5)
16DEC49 Returned to Tamworth. (Source: 5)
23DEC49 Entered service Tamworth-Sydney-Tamworth flown by Dick Hartnell and Archie Smith. This marked a major turning point for East-West as previously they had been limited to daylight/visual operations with Avro Ansons. The Hudson had been selected as an Anson replacement because East-West's Tamworth base was not then capable of DC-3 operations. (Source: 5)
21MAR51 Re-registered VH-EWA. Named "Peel City"
01APR53 During engine runs at Mascot at night in the care of a T.A.A. engineer, the aircraft ran into a ditch in front of the T.A.A. hangars, removing the undercarriage and causing other structural damage. (Date previously recorded as JUN53). (Source: 4)
This incident expedited East-West's acquisition of DC-3s.
01JUL53 DCA wrote to EWA: "Please advise what your intentions are regarding future airworthiness of the aircraft." (Source: 4)
03JUL53 EWA wrote to DCA advising that they have disposed of the aircraft of to Adastra Airways and that East-West wish to retain the registration VH-EWA. (Source: 4)
12AUG53 DCA wrote to Adastra advising that registration VH-AIU has been allotted to Hudson formerly VH-EWA. (Source: 4)
03DEC53 Adastra wrote to DCA acknowledging advice that registration of VH-AIU will expire on 06DEC53. Adastra do not desire to renew the registration at this stage. (Source: 4)
24MAY54 Adastra wrote to DCA advising that Hudson VH-AGX (sic) formerly VH-AIU "is at present going through our workshops and registration will not be required until completion of this work." (Source: 4)
11JAN55 DCA wrote to Adastra advising that VH-AIU has been struck off the Register as from 05JAN53. (Source: 4)
04JAN56 Returned to Register as VH-AGS. Adastra replaced the original Pratt & Whitney engines with Wright Cyclones, thus converting the aeroplane from a Mk IVA to a Mk III. Apparently Adastra favoured the Wright engines as they gave better altitude performance for survey work. Adastra also removed the nose compartment door and restored the standard Hudson nose glazing.
19MAY57 Performed an exhibition flight at an air pageant at Lae, PNG. (Source: Log Book No. 2 VH-AGS)
01JUN57 While based at Lae, PNG, VH-AGS participated in the search for missing Tiger Moth VH-AQS. (Source: Log Book No. 2 VH-AGS)
The Tiger Moth had departed Goroka for Lae. On board were Jack Gray and Jim Smith, both principals in Territory Airlines. (Source: Balus Vol. 1 P.207)
02JUN57 VH-AGS participated in the second day of the search for missing Tiger Moth VH-AQS. (Source: Log Book No. 2 VH-AGS)
The wreckage of the Tiger Moth was located by a ground party at the foot of the Arona Gap. Both occupants had suffered fatal injuries. (Source: Balus Vol. 1 P.207)
29MAY59 VH-AGS arrived in Perth to commence operations for Adastra subsidiary Westralian Aerial Surveys. A photograph of some of the crew appeared in The West Australian on this date.The Aviation Historical Group of Australia, Monthly Notes No. 3 of July 1959 reported that the aircraft carried Westralian Aerial Surveys titles on the fuselage but retained the name Adastra under the starboard wing and that the aircraft was now painted green in place of the previous grey.
12MAR62 DCA wrote to Adastra authorising operation for 30 hours for the purpose of evaluation of a "ground profile recorder". As of this date the aircraft's total hours were 7,117 hours 20 minutes. (DCA files in NAA)
AUG62 While in Westralian markings, the aircraft was test flown with a strut-mounted magnetometer boom above the rear fuselage on the centre-line between the fins. For more information about the magnetometer boom installation see here.
02OCT62 Commenced an aeromagnetic survey of the Narran River district in NSW. Report
15OCT62 Completed the aeromagnetic survey of the Narran River district in NSW.
16OCT62 Joined VH-AGE on an aeromagnetic survey of Bollon, Qld. Report
Arrived at Wewak, PNG to commence a photographic survey of the border with West Irian. (Source: JAHSA Vol III No 12, DEC62)
21DEC62 Completed the aeromagnetic survey of Bollon, Qld.
Repainted in the Orange Livery
23FEB69 Noted at Mascot freshly repainted in the orange livery.
06OCT70 Flew Kalgoorlie-Perth. (Source: 1)
11OCT70 Flew Perth-Plenty Downs. (Source: 1)
24NOV70 Flew Kalgoorlie-Perth. (Source: 1)
29NOV70 Flew Perth-Kalgoorlie. (Source: 1)
17APR72 Flew Leonora-Perth. (Source: 1)
22APR72 Flew Perth-Leonora. (Source: 1)
16MAY72 Flew Kalgoorlie-Perth. (Source: 1)
20MAY72 Flew Perth-Meekatharra. (Source: 1)
06APR73 Withdrawn from service and stored at Tamworth (East West Airlines had bought out Adastra).
08AUG74 Photographed in outdoor storage with VH-AGP at Tamworth.
26MAR76 Flown from Tamworth to Point Cook having been purchased by Malcolm Long. The aircraft diverted to Mangalore with falling oil pressure on the port engine. After rectification of a blown supercharger seal, the aircraft continued to Essendon before completing the trip to Point Cook. The aircraft was flown by TAA pilots L. Gordon and Graham Hawkins. (Source: 1)
By this date the aircraft was in Malcolm Long's hangar at Point Cook stripped of paint. (Source: 1)
The registration VH-AIU was reserved in the name of Schutt Aircraft, Moorabbin but not taken up. It will be noted that the aeroplane was earlier allocated this registration from 1953 to 1955. Malcolm Long had a partnership with Graham Schutt and Ron Lee of Schutt Aircraft to restore and operate the aircraft. (Source: 1)
DEC83 The aircraft was moved from Point Cook to Moorabbin. It was stated previously that the aircraft was trucked but it is now believed that it was flown.
07APR93 Registered to Malcolm Long as VH-KOY as model L-414-56.
10APR93 First flown at Moorabbin after restoration. Marked as A16-112/KO-Y (2 Sqn code).
19JUN93 Flown from Moorabbin to Wangaratta, VIC.
05NOV00 Ferried to its new base at Coolangatta, Queensland.
16NOV00 Visited RAAF Base Amberley at the invitation of No 6 Squadron. The Hudson was parked beside the restored A-20G Havoc 42-86786. See photo.
JUL02 Participated in the filming of the movie "The Great Raid". For this role the Hudson was painted olive drab and grey with US insignia and the fictitious serial 889. Much of the filming took place on Bribie Island while the Hudson was based at Caboolture.
06DEC03 Arrived at Temora, NSW and placed on long term loan to the Temora Aviation Museum.
14MAY04 Ownership transferred from Malcolm Long to the Temora Aviation Museum.
  The aircraft is painted to represent A16-211 with the corresponding MSN 6430 on both sides of the nose. The name Tojo Busters is carried on the left side of the nose.
18APR19 It was announced on this date that the ownership of the Temora Aviation Museum aircraft, including Hudson VH-KOY, would be transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force. The aircraft will continue to be operated by the Temora Aviation Museum.
The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development announced that; "Ahead of centenary commemorations of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), No. 100 Squadron will be re-formed as the Air Force Heritage Squadron, operating from two locations RAAF Base Point Cook and Temora."

See also "Hudson Nose Art".

See also "Aerodist"


Geoff Goodall - contemporary notes.
Geoff Goodall The Migrant Caper
RAAF Form E/E.88.
NAA C3905/9 VH/AGS
Archie Smith, East-West Eagles published in 1989 (ISBN 1 86273 035 0)

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