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Narran River, NSW and Bollon, Queensland

March-April 1962 and September-December 1962


Researched by Doug Morrison

Sourced from an Operational Report issued by Adastra Hunting Geophysica Pty Ltd
held by
DIGS database, State of New South Wales and Department of Planning and Environment


Client The Union Oil Development Corporation
Operator Adastra Hunting Geophysics Pty Ltd
Aircraft Anson VH-BLF (13MAR62 - 23APR62 Reconnaissance)
Hudson VH-AGS (02OCT62 - 15OCT62)
Hudson VH-AGE (Bollon 24SEP62 - 21DEC62)
Hudson VH-AGS (Bollon 16OCT62 - 21DEC62)
Equipment Gulf Mk III Magnetometer (VH-AGS & VH-AGE)
APN-1 Radio Altimeter (VH-AGS & VH-AGE)

P.S.C. Mk 8 35mm Tracking Camera (VH-AGS)
Lens: f1.7 / 18mm
Shutter Speed: 1/100 second
Format: 25mm x 18mm

Vinten 35mm Tracking Camera (VH-AGE)
Lens: f2 / 28mm
Shutter Speed: 1/150 second
Format: 25mm x 18mm

Film processing by: Associated Film Printers, Moore Park, Sydney
Emergency Equipment Not recorded
Base/s VH-AGS Walgett, NSW for Narran River survey
VH-AGE and VH-AGS St George, Qld. for the Bollon survey
Crew Not recorded
Area 21,600 square miles (approximately)
Linear Miles 20,660 miles
Altitude 2,000 feet AMSL
Duration 13MAR62 to 23APR62 (Reconnaissance)
02OCT62 to 15OCT62 (Narran River)
24SEP62 to 17DEC62 (Bollon)
Notes Magnetometer lag calibration tests were flown over the Sydney Harbour Bridge en route to the survey area.