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by Peter Shute


Portrait of the artist as a young man.



Charlie Brown adorns the nose of VH-AGX at Townsville in July 1969. Prior to applying the artwork with a texta pen, Peter had cleaned the oxidised paint from a section of skin. This may create the illusion that the artwork was a temporary fixture but it was applied directly to the aeroplane.


Featherington - Kite
Open basket-weave flying machine for Gentlemen Mk II

Peter painted this inscription on the nose of VH-AGS with DCA runway paint one morning during several non-flying days at Coen in July 1970. Apparently it was short-lived as it was removed when the aircraft returned to Sydney. Brian Costello recalls that: "Jack McDonald was not too pleased but we had polished the whole aircraft with Turtle Wax which went some way toward atonement."

The above artwork was drawn by Peter more than thirty years after it was first applied to the aeroplane. Click here to view the only known photograph of the original artwork on VH-AGS.


All photographs and artwork by Peter Shute.