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The following time line suggests that it was most probably VH-ARY which inaugurated APL's Brisbane to Melbourne service on 9th September 1946. The reasoning for this is:

VH-ARY had been identified by APL as the company's "flagship" when Ron Adair requested the registration VH-APL. VH-ARY is known to have carried APL markings. Photo

VH-ARZ was never issued with a formal Certificate of Registration as it had been identified for sale to New Zealand.

VH-BAG did not come on to the Register until more than two months after the Melbourne service began.


31MAY46 VH-ARY issued with CofR
08AUG46 VH-ARZ registered (but no CofR issued)
19AUG46 VH-ARZ issued interim CofA
09SEP46 Aircrafts Pty Ltd inaugurated the Brisbane to Melbourne service
21NOV46 VH-ARY departed for N.Z.
28NOV46 VH-BAG issued CofR
20DEC46 VH-ARZ departed for N.Z.
10MAR49 VH-BAG crashed at Bilinga

Issue Date
1 04NOV04


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