VH-IOY (A89-273)


Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7273
Previous Identities: 149073
Owner: Carryowl Pty Ltd. (Maintained and operated by HARS), Albion Park, Wollongong, NSW


10MAR62 Received at 10SQN Townsville ex USA.
08MAY62 Received at 2AD for Mod 246 (SARAH).
20MAY62 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
27JUL64 Despatched to CAC, Avalon for fitment of engine fire extinguishers (Mod 242).
19AUG64 Returned to 10SQN.
27MAY65 To 2AD for E service.
22OCT65 To 10SQN after E service.
29JUL68 Despatched to 2AD for Mod 321.
03SEP68 Received 10SQN ex 2AD.
28OCT68 To 2AD for E service.
21FEB69 To 10SQN after E service.
18SEP70 To 2AD for repairs (corrosion control).
29SEP70 To 10SQN after repairs.
APR72 To 2AD for E service.
20JUL72 To 10SQN after E service.
19MAR75 To 2AD for E service.
18SEP75 To 10SQN after E service.
21NOV76 Returned to Townsville from Cocos Island. This is the last mention of the aircraft in the No. 10 Squadron Operations Record Book and may be its last flight with the RAAF.
15NOV77 Located the wreck of HMS Pandora. (Source: 10SQN ORB)
30NOV77 FLTLT M.G. McLean departed Townsville at 0812 on a Fisheries Patrol via the outer reef to Thursday Island and the western coast of Cape York to Karumba. During the patrol, 2 Japanese and 44 Taiwanese fishing vessels were located. The sortie lasted 10.0 hours and was the last operational sortie by an RAAF Neptune. (Source: 10SQN ORB)
03DEC77 SQNLDR J.V. Lambley departed Townsville at 0915 for a local flypast and photography in the area south of Dunk Island. (Source: 10SQN ORB)
04DEC77 SQNLDR J.V. Lambley departed Townsville at 0945 for circuits and a demonstration flypast for the Jubilee Salute. (Source: 10SQN ORB)
04DEC77 SQNLDR G.J. Harvey departed Townsville at 1145 for circuits and a demonstration flypast for the Jubilee Salute. (Source: 10SQN ORB)
08JUN78 Tenders closed for removal ex Garbutt (Townsville).
78 Sold to Peter T. Longford & Co., Townsville.
78 Sold to Randal McFarlane.
"I purchased the aircraft from a local scrap merchant who failed to remove the aircraft in the prescribed days and was going to forfeit it. I did a quick deal with him and was faced with the problem of where do I keep it. My CO allowed me to keep it on the base under an old regulation 'that an officer can keep his horse on his base with permission'. Permission was duly granted. Peter Rundle, who had been a RAAF engine fitter then became involved." (Source: Randal McFarlane 27JAN19)
07MAY81 Registered to Peter Rundle as VH-IOY. Operated by the Coral Sea Squadron of the Confederate Air Force based at Townsville.
09MAY81 First post-restoration flight.
01APR88 Purchased by Bob De La Hunty and Gordon Glynn.
AUG91 Repainted in midnight blue colours.
OCT98 Westinghouse J34 jets were fitted.
10MAY99 The newly installed Westinghouse J34 jets were used for the first time on a flight from Bankstown to Temora.
07NOV02 Flown to the new HARS base at Albion Park.



  • All P2V-7/SP-2H were classified as Mark 4 from the time of delivery.


Issue Date Remarks
13 25MAR23
Added an image of Peter Rundle in the cockpit.
Added two images of the aircraft while being operated by the CAF.
Image 1 Image 2
Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
12 10JUN21
Added an image thanks to Eric Allen.
11 01DEC20
Added an image thanks to Eric Allen.
10 24APR20
Added an image thanks to Maurice Ritchie.
9 27JAN19
Added an image of the aircraft in service with the RAAF. Also added an image of Peter Rundle and Randal McFarlane and an account of how Randal McFarlane came to acquire the aircraft in 1978.
8 11MAY18
Added the final flights in NOV/DEC 77 from the 10SQN ORB.
7 16AUG16
Added two air-to-air images thanks to Bob Livingstone. Image 1 Image 2
6 15NOV15
Added details of E services. Corrected date of Mod 242 from 1962 to 1964. Added possible date of last RAAF flight.
6 04JUN12
Added an image at Avalon thanks to Gordon Reid.
5 03SEP03
Changed base to Albion Park.


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