Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7280
Previous Identities: 149080
Owner: RAAF Museum, RAAF Townsville, QLD


25MAY62 Received at 10SQN Townsville ex USA.
20MAY64 Despatched to CAC, Avalon for fitment of engine fire extinguishers (Mod 242).
30JUN64 Received at 10SQN ex CAC.
09JUL65 Received at 2AD for painting.
02AUG65 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
07JUL66 To 2AD for E service.
03NOV66 To 10SQN after E service.
14OCT68 Received at 2AD for Mod 321.
20NOV68 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
11DEC69 Allotted to 2AD for E service.
21MAY70 Allotted to 10SQN after E service.
09MAY73 To 2AD for E service.
24AUG73 To 10SQN after E service.
20OCT75 To 2AD for E service.
04FEB76 To 10SQN after E service.
27OCT76 Flew from Rockhampton to Townsville after an engine change. Earlier in the month, the aircraft had participated in Exercise Kangaroo II but it diverted to Rockhampton with engine failure. This is the last mention of the aircraft in the No. 10 Squadron Operations Record Book and may be its last flight.
07NOV77 To be retained at Townsville as a display aircraft complete with engines.
To RAAF Museum. Displayed on parade ground at RAAF Base Townsville. Engines were run periodically in early 90s.
03FEB12 Damaged in Cyclone Yasi.
MAY12 Repairs commenced utilising parts from A89-272 which was also damaged in the cyclone.
When A89-272 was recovered by HARS in August 2017, included with the partially dismantled aircraft was the fin from A89-280, so evidently A89-272 gave up its fin for the restoration of A89-280.
08NOV12 The restored aircraft was officially unveiled by the Mayor at the entrance to RAAF Base Townsville.



  • All P2V-7/SP-2H were classified as Mark 4 from the time of delivery.


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10 11NOV20
Added an image thanks to Eric Allen.
9 24APR20
Added an image thanks to Maurice Ritchie.
8 03SEP17
Added a reference to a fin swap with A89-272.
7 27NOV15
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6 15NOV15
Added details of E services. Added possible date of last flight.
5 06OCT15
Added an image of the aircraft on display at Townsville in 2005. Thanks to Ruud Leeuw.
4 11SEP15
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3 22OCT12
Added information on repairs after cyclone damage.
2 30NOV02
Expanded history from Status Card.

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