Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7274
Previous Identities: 149074


29MAR62 Received at 10SQN Townsville ex USA.
03MAY62 Received at 2AD for temporary fitment of SARAH.
11MAY62 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
22MAY64 To 2AD for E service. The first P2V-7 requiring an E service.
02OCT64 To 10SQN after E service.
19OCT64 Despatched to CAC, Avalon for fitment of engine fire extinguishers (Mod 242).
12NOV64 Received at 10SQN ex CAC.
30OCT67 To 2AD for E service.
26FEB68 To 2AD for E service.
08NOV68 Received 2AD for Mod 321.
18DEC68 Received 10SQN ex 2AD.
25NOV70 To 2AD for E service.
30MAR71 To 10SQN after E service.
09JAN74 To 2AD for E service.
10APR74 To 10SQN after E service.
06DEC76 Ferried to Laverton for conversion to parts.
21FEB77 To be declared to Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for disposal. Total of 5 Neptunes at Laverton plus 3 Neptunes at Townsville.
07JUN77 Disposal action to be carried out immediately.
05JUL77 Transferred to Sales.
29SEP77 Tenders closed for removal ex Laverton.
NOV77 Broken up at Laverton by Cubra Metals.



  • All P2V-7/SP-2H were classified as Mark 4 from the time of delivery.

Issue Date Remarks
4 15NOV15
Added details of E services and final flight to Laverton.
3 11NOV15
Added an image of the aircraft withdrawn from service at Laverton.
2 29AUG15
Added an image.
1 24NOV02
Original issue.

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