Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7272
Previous Identities: 149072
Owner: Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS)
Parkes, NSW


10MAR62 Received at 10SQN Townsville ex USA.
05MAY62 Despatched to 2AD for temporary fitment of SARAH.
11MAY62 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
03APR64 Received at CAC, Avalon for fitment of engine fire extinguishers (Mod 242).
22MAY64 Received at 10SQN ex CAC.
28JUL65 Received at 2AD ex 10SQN for painting.
30AUG65 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
31OCT66 To 2AD for E service.
01MAR67 To 10QN after E service.
12JAN68 Received at 2AD ex 10SQN for the prototype installation and testing of Mod 321.
29FEB68 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
01JUN70 To 2AD for E service.
27NOV70 To 10SQN after E service.
26JUL73 To 2AD for E service.
15NOV73 To 10SQN after E service.
23OCT75 Flew to Darwin for Exercise "Swift Swing". Return date is not recorded. This is the last mention of the aircraft in the No. 10 Squadron Operations Record Book and may be its last flight. Later allotted to Class 9 storage at Townsville.
21FEB77 To be declared to DAS for disposal.
18JUL77 Declared to Sales.
29SEP77 Tenders closed for removal ex RAAF Garbutt, Townsville. Subsequently sold to Queensland Air Museum, Brisbane.
18SEP79 Donated to Confederate Air Force as a spares source for their airworthy Neptune A89-273.
To RAAF Base, Townsville as gate guard.
03FEB12 Damaged in Cyclone Yasi.
MAY12 Repairs to A89-280 commenced using parts from A89-272. A89-280 was placed on display at the main gate of RAAF Townsville in October 2012.
26AUG15 The Department of Defence announced the disposal of A89-272 and called for expressions of interest from Australian heritage organisations.
05FEB16 The RAAF announced that A89-272 has been gifted to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society. It is expected that the aircraft will be displayed at the HARS satellite facility at Parkes, NSW.
AUG17 A HARS work party began dismantling the aircraft for trucking to Parkes.
22AUG17 The first loads arrived at Parkes. The centre section and the rear fuselage are still to come. The fin is clearly from A89-280 so evidently A89-272 gave up her fin for the restoration of A89-280 which is displayed at the main gate at Garbutt.
01SEP17 The remainder of the aircraft was unloaded at Parkes.
17JUN18 HARS reported that the reassembly has been completed at Parkes and the aircraft has been towed on its own undercarriage.



  • All P2V-7/SP-2H were classified as Mark 4 from the time of delivery.


Issue Date Remarks
13 17JUN18
The aircraft has been reassembled at Parkes.
12 03SEP17
Added three images of the HARS recovery operation. Thanks to Erik Lensson of the Parkes Aviation Museum.
11 02SEP17
The remainder of the aircraft was unloaded at Parkes on 01SEP.
10 22AUG17
The first loads arrived at Parkes on this date.
9 06AUG17
Added a reference to the aircraft being dismantled in Townsville.
8 05FEB16
The aircraft has been gifted to HARS.
7 15NOV15
Added details of E services and possible last flight.
6 24SEP15
Added an image of the aircraft on the main gate at Garbutt.
5 11SEP15
Added a recent image of A89-272.
4 27AUG15
Defence Dept announced the disposal of A89-272.
3 22OCT12
Added details of cyclone damage.
2 30NOV02
History expanded from Status Card

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