Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7270
Previous Identities: 149070


29MAR62 Received at 10SQN Townsville ex USA.
28SEP64 Despatched to CAC, Avalon for fitment of engine fire extinguishers (Mod 242).
21OCT64 Received at 10SQN ex CAC.
23SEP65 Despatched to 2AD for painting.
14OCT65 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
13JUL67 To 2AD for E service.
30OCT67 To 10SQN after E service.
25JUN68 Received at 2AD ex 10SQN for Mod 321.
04AUG68 Received at 10SQN ex 2AD.
22OCT73 To 2AD for E service.
21JUN74 To 10SQN after E service.
29NOV76 Awaiting disposal at Laverton.
10DEC76 Ferried to Laverton for conversion to parts.
21FEB77 To be declared to Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for disposal. Total of 5 Neptunes at Laverton plus 3 Neptunes at Townsville.
07JUN77 Disposal action to be carried out immediately.
05JUL77 Transferred to Sales.
29SEP77 Tenders closed for removal ex RAAF Laverton.
NOV77 Broken up at Laverton by Cubra Metals.



  • All P2V-7/SP-2H were classified as Mark 4 from the time of delivery.

Issue Date Remarks
6 11JUL23
Added two images of A89-270 in formation with A89-281 thanks to Maurice Ritchie.
Image 1 Image 2
5 03MAY19
Added an image thanks to Eric Allen.
4 16DEC17
Added an image thanks to Bob Howe.
3 15NOV15
Added details of mods and E services and final flight to Laverton.
2 12JUL12
Added an image thanks to Ken Watson.
1 24NOV02
Original issue.

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