Type: L-18-56 Lodestar C-60A-5-LO
MSN: 18-2388
Previous Identities: 42-55951
Subsequent Identities: ZK-XUS (NTU)


12MAR43 Delivered to the USAAF as a C-60A-5-LO serial 42-55951. (Source: 1)
  Allotted Advanced Glider School at Lubbock, Texas. (Source: 1)
  Allotted Air Transport Command, Gravely Pt. Washington D.C. (Source: 1)
30OCT44 Departed USA. (Source: 1)
16NOV44 Returned USA. (Source: 1)
02AUG45 Allotted to Reconstruction Finance Corporation for disposal. (Source: 1)
  Registered NC17615 to an unknown airline operator in Central America. (Source: 1)
49 Converted to executive configuration by Southwest Airmotive Co. (Source: 1)
DEC49 Registered to Ralph E. Fair by this date. (Source: 1)
APR54 Registered to Texas Gulf Sulphur Co Inc as N17615 by this date. (Source: 1)
JAN65 Registered to Air Center Interiors by Wrigley by this date. (Source: 1)
JUL65 Registered to J.W. Williams by this date. (Source: 1)
16MAY66 Cancelled from US Register. (Source: 1)
16MAY66 Registered in Mexico as XA-SAX to Transporte Aereo Ernesto Saenz SA. (Source: 1)
78 Still current as XA-SAX. (Source: 1)
  Leased to Transporte Aereo Mexicana. (Source: 1)
10APR80 Cancelled from Mexico Register. (Source: 1)
  It is reported that the aircraft became derelict and was used as a chicken coop.
12FEB85 Registered N56LH to Atorie Air Inc. (Source: 1)
19APR85 Registered to Atorie Air Ltd. (Source: 1)
04JUN85 Registered to Atorie Air Inc. Named Phoenix. (Source: 1)
86 Converted to a freighter with an enlarged cabin door. (Source: 1)
06JUN89 Ownership passed to Wings of Yesterday Inc., Santa Fe. (Source: 1)
06JUL89 Registered to Wings of Yesterday Inc. (Source: 1)
  Named Rebirth of the Phoenix.
22JUL91 Ownership passed to Aus Ex Inc. (Source: 1)
20SEP91 Registered to Aus Ex Inc. (Source: 1)
14NOV91 Arrived Brisbane, Australia having been flown across the Pacific on delivery to Bruce Simpson.
15APR92 Flew Bankstown-Brisbane-Norfolk Island.
16APR92 En route Norfolk Island to Auckland the starboard engine failed and the aircraft diverted to Kaitaia, NZ. Click here to read a first-hand account written by one of the passengers.
18MAY92 Departed Ardmore for Auckland, Norfolk Island and Brisbane after repairs.
14SEP92 Registered to Classic Aviation Pty Ltd. (Source: 1)
21SEP92 Cancelled from US Register. (Source: 1)
02OCT92 Registered VH-XUS to Bruce Simpson. (Source: 1)
  Named Flew the Coop in recognition of its former use!
19NOV93 Departed Sydney for Brisbane and Norfolk Island on sale to NZ.
02DEC93 Arrived Wanaka, NZ on delivery to Gerald Rhodes. The aircraft is currently on static display at Mr Rhodes' transportation museum in Wanaka.
  Registration ZK-XUS was reserved but not taken up. (Source: 1)


Further Reading

Engine Failure over the Tasman

Peter J. Marson, The Lockheed Twins, Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd., 2001.

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