Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA
MSN: 6043
Previous Identities: 41-23184


05DEC41 Received 2 AD ex USA.
24DEC41 Tested at 2 AD.
31JAN42 Received 1 AD ex 2 AD.
09FEB42 Received 7 Sqn ex 1 AD.
24MAR42 Received 1 AD ex 7 Sqn.
06APR42 Received 7 Sqn.
10JUN42 Struck birds in flight. Starboard wing leading edge damaged.
29JUN42 Received 1 OTU.
12DEC42 Damaged at Archerfield in collision with Lodestar VH-CAJ. Port tailplane cut off, fin and rudder damaged. Port wing cut through to engine nacelle near aileron. Turret gun damaged.
15JAN43 Received 3 AD for completion of repairs.
20MAR43 Received 1 OTU ex 3 AD.
03AUG44 Received 1 CU ex 7 AD having been fitted with passenger seats for use by the Air Board.
26AUG43 Crashed on taxyway at Coomalie.
12JAN45 Received 1 CU after repairs by 4 RSU and 7 AD.
04APR45 Received 2 AD ex 1 CU for fitment for use by 1 OTU. Seats to be removed for fitment to A67-7.
18SEP45 Received 1 OTU ex 2 AD
03DEC45 To be used for Bush Fire Patrol by 1 OTU until 31MAR46 then to proceed to 2 AD for storage.
29MAR46 Received 2 AD, Richmond for storage.
31MAR47 Sold to Herald Flying Services for £1,101.
28APR47 John Fairfax and Son request DCA to reserve registrations VH-SMJ and VH-SMK for two Hudsons
29APR47 Issued to purchaser.
02FEB48 Registration application from John Fairfax and Son.
28MAY48 Added to Register as VH-SMK.
01JAN50 Crashed on take-off at Camden at approximately 0057 hours. Immediately after take-off, from a height of approximately 150 feet, the aircraft apparently stalled and dived into the ground. The only two occupants, Captain Richard Eric Cruickshanks and First Officer Robert Bruce Purvis (Harry Purvis' nephew) were killed. The aircraft was destroyed by impact and fire. The aircraft was loaded with 3178 lbs of newspapers all of which were destined for Dubbo. It was estimated by investigators that the take-off weight was between 213 lbs and 594 lbs in excess of the maximum permissible but this was not considered a contributory cause. The investigation revealed that although Cruickshanks was competent to fly the Hudson he "did not possess any form of valid pilot licence"! A licence which had been produced to Harry Purvis and to DCA examiners was apparently not genuine. Although the load had been correctly distributed it was not adequately restrained. The cause of the accident was found to be "loss of control of the aircraft for reasons undetermined". It was also found that: "The starboard engine probably failed prior to impact and such failure, if it did occur, would be a possible contributory cause of the loss of control".
(Source: Accident Report issued 04JUN50)
17FEB50 Struck off Register.

Issue Date Remarks
4 10JAN16
Added an image of the wreckage. Thanks to Graeme Parsons.
3 08MAY02
Added more detail from the DCA accident report.

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