Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA
MSN: 6046
Previous Identities: 41-23187


05DEC41 Received 2 AD ex USA.
17DEC41 Satisfactorily flight tested and being fitted with dual controls for 1 OTU.
28DEC41 Issued 1 OTU ex 2 AD.
23MAR42 Received 6 Sqn ex 1 OTU.
08MAY42 Issued 13 Sqn ex 6 Sqn.
29JUN42 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn.
02JUL42 Received 5 AD ex 1 RSU.
01AUG42 Received 14 Sqn ex 5 AD.
17JAN43 Received 5 AD ex 14 Sqn.
23MAR43 Received 1 OTU ex 5 AD.
02MAY43 Received 7 AD ex 1 OTU for overhaul and incorporation of Hudson modifications.
11OCT43 Received 1 OTU ex 1 AD.
16JAN45 Forced landing at Laverton after starboard engine failed.
09MAY45 Received 2 AD ex 1 OTU.
19NOV45 Into storage at 2 AD.
31MAR47 Sold to Herald Flying Services for £1,151.
28APR47 Issued to purchaser.
28APR47 John Fairfax and Sons request that DCA reserve registrations VH-SMJ and VH-SMK for Hudsons A16-117 and A16-114.
19MAY47 Registration application from John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney. Aircraft to be used as a freighter based at Camden.
30OCT47 Crashed and burned on Balmoral Station south of Muswellbrook, NSW while on a trial newspaper dropping flight. Captain Geoff Hoskins and First Officer Edward Conner were killed. The aircraft was preparing to drop newspapers in an open area when it appeared to dive almost vertically into the ground. The investigation attributed the accident to loss of control arising out of incorrect loading. This aircraft was destroyed before its Certificate of Registration was issued and thus the registration VH-SMJ was technically not taken up.

The accident report elaborates on the matter of the CofR for VH-SMJ:

"VH-SMJ was not registered by this Department in that no Certificate of Registration had been issued, although an application, dated 19th May 1947, had been lodged at Mascot. It appears that this application was held at Mascot for some months and was finally forwarded to this Head Office with the Interim Certificate of Airworthiness. There is no indication as to when these documents were received at Head Office, but it seems likely that it was prior to the accident as the forwarding date on the Interim CofA is 24th October 1947. The fact that VH-SMJ flew without a CofR constitutes a breach of ANR No 108, but it is considered that no action should be taken as the operator, in making application, complied with the spirit of the Regulation. Also, the fact that the letters VH-SMJ had been allotted probably created the impression that the aircraft was actually registered."

Issue Date Remarks
3 09JUL02
Added more details pertaining to the CofR.

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