Type: L-414-56 Hudson Mk IIIA/A-29
MSN: 6357
Previous Identities: 41-23540


05APR42 Received 2 AD Richmond ex USA. (Source: 3)
27APR42 Aircraft departed for 32 Sqn. (Source: 3)
29APR42 Aircraft returned to Richmond. (Source: 3)
04MAY42 Issued 32 Sqn (Horn Island) ex 2 AD. (Source: 3)
02SEP42 Received 5 AD ex 32 Sqn. (Source: 3)
20SEP42 Received 1 AD ex 5 AD en route 13 Sqn. (Source: 3)
25SEP42 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 AD. (Source: 3)
28OCT42 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn for wing change. (Source: 3)
06NOV42 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU. (Source: 3)
04DEC42 Received 5 AD ex 13 Sqn. (Source: 3)
07DEC42 Fitted with auxiliary tank and CO2 equipment. (Source: 3)
08JAN43 Received 13 Sqn ex 5 AD. (Source: 3)
28JAN43 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn for repair. (Source: 3)
06FEB43 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU. (Source: 3)
16MAR43 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn. (Source: 3)
20MAR43 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU. (Source: 3)
04APR43 Received 2 Sqn ex 13 Sqn. (Source: 3)
19SEP43 Received 5 AD ex 2 Sqn for repairs to wrinkled mainplane. (Source: 3)
15JUN44 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 5 AD for completion of repairs. (Source: 3)
04AUG44 Received 1 OTU ex 2 AD. (Source: 3)
22MAR46 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 1 OTU for storage. (Source: 3)
24SEP47 Sold to European Air Transport, Sydney for £620. (Source: 3)
25NOV47 Collected by purchaser. (Source: 3)
17DEC47 Registered to European Air Transport as VH-BIB. (Source: AustAirData)
29JAN48 Registration application from European Air Transport, Sydney to be used for overseas charters in 14 passenger 2 crew configuration. (Source: 4)
MAY48 Aircraft being overhauled for CofA by Curtis Madsen Aircrafts at Bankstown. Work suspended when payment was not forthcoming from EAT. (Source: 4)
NOV48 EAT "virtually non-existent by now". (Source: 4)
16DEC48 Struck off Register as withdrawn from service. (Source: AustAirData)
49 Sold for scrap. CofA never completed. (Source: 4)


RAAF Form E/E.88 Airframe Record Card A16-192.
DCA file on VH-BIB accessed by Geoff Goodall.


The conversion of former RAAF Hudsons to airliners was largely driven by the upsurge in migration from Europe in the immediate post-war years. Several entrepreneurs began operating charter flights, mainly from Rome and Athens, in what became known amongst the main players as The Migrant Caper. These operations are covered in exquisite detail in Geoff Goodall's seminal work. The following link will take you to Geoff Goodall's Aviation History Site:

The Migrant Caper

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