VH-BDN Petunia

Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA
MSN: 6044
Previous Identities: 41-23185
A16-115 [VH-RBB]


05DEC41 Received 1 AD ex USA.
05JAN42 Received 14 Sqn ex 1 AD.
14JAN43 Received 32 Sqn ex 1 AD.
24APR43 Received 6 Sqn ex 32 Sqn.
23SEP43 Received 7 AD ex 6 Sqn via 15 ARD for transport conversion.
06JAN44 Allotted radio callsign VH-RBB.
26MAY44 Received 3 CU ex 7 AD for experimental duties with the Radio Physics Laboratory.
12AUG44 Allocated for use of AOC Eastern Area.
05MAR45 Received 2 AD ex 3 CU.
16JUL45 Received 1 OTU ex 2 AD.
03DEC45 Allocated to Bush Fire Patrol by 1 OTU until 31MAR46 after which aircraft to proceed to 2 AD for storage.
16APR46 Received 2 AD ex 1 OTU for storage.
31MAR47 Sold to W.R. Carpenter & Co, Sydney for £1,250.
05MAY47 Issued to purchaser.
27MAY47 Registration application from Mandated Airlines Ltd., Lae. To be used as a freighter.
26AUG47 Added to register as VH-BDN.
06OCT48 Withdrawn from service and stored at Mascot.
27JUN49 Sold to Fawcett Aviation Engineering Service, Sydney. Operated with Fawcett Aviation Service titles and named "Petunia". (Doug Fawcett advises that the name was derived from a popular song which was often played in the hangar while the Hudson was being worked on).
05JUL49 Test flown at Camden by Warren Penny. (Source: 1)
10JUL49 DCA files show that the aeroplane returned to service on lease to Mandated Airlines on 10JUL49 but the following entry casts doubt on that claim. Clearly though, the aeroplane did return to PNG sometime before March 1950.
16JUL49 Flown Camden-Cootamundra-Mascot by Warren Penny. (Source: 1)
25MAR50 Crashed at Lae while on a test flight. The port engine failed and the aircraft returned to the airfield but had to go around as there was a DC-3 still on the runway. The aircraft hit telephone wires at the end of the strip and crashed into a house killing a young honeymooning couple. The pilot, Captain Gibson-Lee DFC, AFC died from third degree burns ten days later. Two mechanics on board escaped unhurt.
[Extracted from Balus Vol 1 by James Sinclair.]
JUL50 Struck off register.


Log Book of Warren Penny referenced by Geoff Goodall.

Issue Date Remarks
7 10MAY21
Added information at JUL49 from Source: 1.
6 17FEB00

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