Type: L-414-56 Hudson Mk IIIA/A-29
Msn: 6460
Previous Identities: 41-36971


13APR42 Received 1 AD Laverton.
23MAY42 Issued 6 Sqn ex 1 AD.
15JUN42 Damaged when taxied into slit trench at Amberley.
17JUN42 Issued 3 AD Amberley for repair.
14SEP42 Received 2 AD Richmond for tank installation before proceeding to 6 Sqn.
27SEP42 Received 1 AD Laverton ex 2 AD for fitment of self-sealing tanks.
29SEP42 Issued Dept of Aircraft Production for fitment of self-sealing tanks (by CAC?).
01OCT42 Received 1 AD ex CAC.
11OCT42 Received 6 Sqn ex 1 AD.
27OCT42 Aircraft suffered brake failure at Gurney, Milne Bay. Ran down hill into trees seriously damaging both wings.
31OCT42 Received 15 RSU ex 6 Sqn for repairs.
09DEC42 Received 6 Sqn ex 15 RSU.
17JAN43 Damaged by enemy action at Turnbull Field, Milne Bay. Nose and elevator badly damaged.
22FEB43 Received 3 AD Amberley ex 6 Sqn.
18APR43 Received 1 OTU ex 3 AD.
29APR43 Crashed at Camden due to starboard engine failure on take-off.
30APR43 Received 11 RSU ex 1 OTU for repairs.
23JUL43 Received 2 AD ex 11 RSU.
10SEP43 Damaged at Garbutt when tyre burst on landing.
07OCT43 Allotted 12 RSU Garbutt ex 2 AD for repairs.
16OCT43 Received 13 ARD ex 12 RSU.
10DEC43 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 13 ARD.
16DEC44 Received 1 OTU ex 2 AD.
15JAN45 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 1 OTU for fitment of airborne lifeboat.
20JUN45 Received 1 OTU ex 2 AD.
04JUL45 Received 1 APU ex 1 OTU.
11AUG45 Received 1 OTU ex 1 APU.
21DEC45 Received 2 AD Richmond for storage.
25NOV46 Sold to Lionel Van Praag, Bondi for £1,500.
04FEB47 Collected by purchaser.
15APR47 Registration application from Lionel Van Praag. To be in freighter configuration based in New Guinea.
23MAY47 Added to Register as VH-ALA. Aircraft was leased to Guinea Air Traders Ltd of Lae with whom Van Praag was a pilot.
18APR48 Crashed on take-off from Lae for Bulolo killing all on board. The pilot, Stanley Bowern, lost control when an engine failed on take-off. The aircraft crashed and burned on an island in the Markham River. In addition to the pilot, the aircraft was carrying 33 native labourers and 3 GAT engineers. Only the pilot was provided with a seat or seat belt. This accident prompted legislation that required all passengers, regardless of race, be provided with a seat and a seat belt. As the aeroplane was not overloaded, no charges were brought against Guinea Air Traders.

Issue Date Remarks
2 03MAY06
Added a 1948 photo of the aircraft at Lae. Thanks to John Ramsay.
1 13FEB98
Original issue

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