Electra VH-RMA in the hangar at Essendon in June 1959 while the engines were being modified with the three degree up-tilt. The modification kits were flown to Australia by Ansett-ANA DC-4 VH-ANF.

Photographer Ray Watson recalls:

"I was involved in decorating VH-RMA at Essendon Aerodrome. I was a signwriter employed by A C Mence Pty Ltd and we did all the signs for ANA and eventually ANSETT-ANA. VH-RMA arrived with the rear lounge wall painted with a large map of the USA states. Reg Ansett wanted the painting changed so my boss sent me and a fellow signwriter, Allen Heap, out to Essendon to repaint the wall with Australian wildflowers. As Reg Ansett was determined to be first with a Mark II Electra in service, my boss told us to keep working until we finished. While we were painting the new designs on the vinyl wall, Lockheed mechanics were working on the engine mountings making our job very difficult because the plane was shaking up and down and also the central aisle plywood floor was lifted up whilst they worked on the cables and wiring."

Note that the markings on the fin/rudder are in the process of being altered from the original Electra Prop-Jet to Electra Mk II Prop-Jet to reflect the engine modifications. Ray Watson reminds us that in those days it was a "mask and spray" job as computer-cut adhesive vinyl was then unheard of. Ray also comments that he could have done a better job of the S and the E in the ANSETT-ANA titles on the forward fuselage.

Photo: Ray Watson

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