P.G. Taylor settles into the rear cockpit of the Altair at Mascot on 19 October 1934 as they prepare to depart for Brisbane at the commencement of the Pacific flight. At the right wearing a hat is Lawrence Wackett who designed the additional fuel tanks for the Altair. The mechanic at left is unidentified but it can't be Tommy Pethybridge as he had sailed for Fiji one week earlier on 11 October 1934. The faint writing at the bottom of the image has been scribed into the emulsion of the negative and when reversed appears to read; "Smithy and Taylor to America 22/10/34" although this date, if interpreted correctly, cannot be so as the aircraft was already in Fiji on that date. The purpose of the reel on the wing walkway is unknown. It is tempting to speculate on the contents of what appears to be a bag being handed up to Bill Taylor. It could be the "various gadgets" that comprise his navigational equipment or it could be the "shaving-kit and pyjamas" that caused him to "feel a traitor" because Smithy's "luggage is a tooth brush." Source: State Library of NSW Ref: 9625857
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