The Altair on the threshold of Hangar 3 at Los Angeles Municipal Airport (Mines Field) after its arrival from Oakland on 4 November 1934. It is speculated that the seemingly bored gentleman on the park bench at right of image might be either watchman Joe Wilson or Deputy City Marshal Jerry Wenger who, according to press reports, were tasked with guarding the aeroplane while it was subject to legal action which was reported as follows in the press on 5 November.

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith's monoplane Lady Southern Cross was to-day attached in a suit filed by E. Beverly, assignee of Tom Catton, who asserted that the flier owed him $27,050 for interest and services rendered in 1928, preparatory to Sir Charles' westward flight to Brisbane. Under the California laws it is necessary for Sir Charles to post a $25,000 bond to obtain release of the machine, which is now in the possession of the Deputy-Marshal.

Subsequently it was reported on 9 November that:

Mr Thomas Catton's suit against the Lady Southern Cross was settled out of court to-day for what Mr Catton's attorneys said was a satisfactory sum, but which Kingsford Smith's lawyer, Mr Leo Goodman, termed a nominal sum.

Picture: Tim Kalina Collection