P.G. Taylor writes in his book Pacific Flight:

There is a great crowd at the aerodrome to see us on our way, and the Altair stands ready outside the hangar, sitting well down in the shock absorbers with 470 gallons of fuel on board. ... We receive the official good wishes of the people of Hawaii through the Mayor of Honolulu and the unofficial ones from the people who are at the aerodrome to see us off.

P.G. Taylor and Smithy with VIPs at Wheeler Field, Hawaii on 3 November 1934, the day of their departure for Oakland. The imposing gentleman in the middle is George Frederick Wright who was Mayor of Honolulu 1931-1938. The military officer is
Major-General Halstead Dorey, officer commanding the Hawaiian Station. The lady is unknown but is presumably the wife of either gentleman. Mayor Wright died in office while at sea on 2 July 1938 while he and his wife were en route from New Zealand to Honolulu, ironically on board the S.S. Mariposa, the liner that transported the Altair to Australia!
Picture: Tim Kalina Collection

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