Photographs similar to this appeared in American newspapers on 5 August 1935. The Lady Southern Cross is being prepared at Burbank for Smithy's next adventure, an attempt on the London-Sydney record. Appearing in the photo are engineer Bob Boulton with his head protruding through the fuselage hatch and co-pilot and engineer Tommy Pethybridge in the dark suit on the left. On the right is Percival George Brockhurst 'Bud' Morriss, founding member of the US Early Birds and long time close friend of Smithy. Smithy did not arrive in Los Angeles until 10 August. Clearly the fuselage has been separated from the wing as evidenced by the fuel hoses visible behind Tommy Pethybridge. That Bob Boulton is able to occupy the forward fuselage indicates that the main fuel tank has been removed. The item in Bob Boulton's right hand is probably one of the metal straps used to restrain the fuel tank. The sartorial elegance of these gentlemen clearly suggests that they were not actually working on the aircraft at the time of the photo.Picture: Associated Press