The caption on the reverse of this International News Photo of 5 November 1934 reads:

When Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith landed in Oakland on his epochal flight from Australia the only clothes he had were the ones he wore. So upon his arrival in Los Angeles one of the first things to be done was to find himself a tailor and be measured for a new suit. Tailor Lowell Gregory is shown taking Sir Charles' measurements.

Smithy's need of a new suit is confirmed by another Taylor who wrote in his book Pacific Flight:

Smithy's cockpit is so completely filled with gadgets that there is no stowage space of any kind. His luggage is a tooth-brush. I feel a traitor because I have shaving-kit and pyjamas.

If there is any further doubt that Smithy really needed a new suit, check out this view of Smithy addressing the American nation just one day earlier - perhaps a little embarrassed in his flying suit!

Picture: Tim Kalina Collection