At last count, I had six aviation related websites on the go. Every now and then, something comes along that demands to be shared with the world but it just doesn't fit in with the theme of an existing website. It may be an interesting aeroplane that didn't have the good fortune to be built by Lockheed or operated by Adastra Aerial Surveys or it may be a Boeing 707 that wasn't operated by Qantas. It might be a DC-3 that doesn't carry the registration VH-ANR or cannot claim to be extant in Australasia. There are also some aeroplanes which have created history at airports other than Brisbane. What I needed was a repository for all the odds and ends and bits and pieces that didn't fit in anywhere else, so I decided to construct this page. Clearly, the new page needed a title - something unassuming and unpretentious as befits the limited and eclectic range of its contents. Some candidates were deemed to be too grandiose, so after much introspection, I settled on something more understated and thus was born:

"The Definitive History of Aviation Since the Dawn of Time"

As with all of my websites, it will have small beginnings. There will be no mad rush to publish or perish. It will be added to in a logical and relaxed manner as material presents itself. Enjoy!