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Based on notes provided by Paul and Alison Heaft
who also supplied the photographs.


(All images on this page are linked to larger versions)

The photographs on this page were found in the personal effects of the late Tom Murray MBE, the Police Officer who led the 1965 ground expedition to the site where Wackett VH-BEC force-landed in January 1962. The fate of the Wackett had been a mystery until it was sighted by Adastra's Hudson VH-AGE on 28 March 1965. These photographs were scanned by Paul Heaft whose wife, Alison, is Tom Murray's grand-daughter. Alison recalls when she was a young child her grandfather told her the story of the missing pilot. Her interest in his policing life influenced her and ensured that she was able to keep some of his treasures after he passed away.


See also The Missing Wackett Vol. 1


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