Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA/A-28
L-414-56 Hudson Mk III (converted)
MSN: 6051
Previous Identities: 41-23192
A16-122 (VH-RBD)
Owner: RAAF Museum, Point Cook, VIC.


05DEC41 Received 1 Aircraft Depot ex U.S.A. with Pratt & Whitney engines. (Source: 3)
08JAN42 Issued 14 Sqn. (Source: 3)
29APR42 Aircraft struck drain on landing and undercarriage collapsed. (Source: 3)
16NOV42 Collided with wingtip of A16-116. (Source: 3)
15JAN43 Received 32 Sqn. (Source: 3)
22MAY43 Issued to 6 Sqn. (Source: 3)
09SEP43 Received at 7 Aircraft Depot for conversion to transport aircraft. (Source: 3)
14NOV43 Received 38 Sqn ex 7 AD. (Source: 3)
06JAN44 Issued callsign VH-RBD. (Source: 3)
14MAR44 Missing in vicinity of Carnarvon WA. Aircraft was attempting to return to Carnarvon on flight from Guilford to Exmouth Gulf in bad weather. Aircraft belly landed after fuel exhaustion. (Source: 3)
15MAR44 Located by search aircraft. (Source: 3)
20MAR44 Received 17 Repair and Salvage Unit. (Source: 3)
02MAY44 Received 4 Aircraft Depot for repair. (Source: 3)
30NOV45 Received at 2 Aircraft Depot for storage. (Source: 3)
24APR47 Sold to Godden Board and Godden, Potts Point, NSW. (Source: 3)
07AUG47 Issued to purchaser. (Source: 3)
47 Ferried from Richmond to Camden for storage by Intercontinental Air Maintenance. (Source: 2)
A16-122 was one of three Hudsons purchased from CDC by Stan Godden and Warren Penny on behalf of Air Carriers, the prospective operator of Halifax VH-BDT. The other aircraft were A16-147 and A16-149. Air Carriers could not pay for them and they were subsequently sold to Warren Penny's brother Raymond. (Source: 2)
14NOV47 Intercontinental Air Maintenance wrote to Raymond Penny to inform him that the sum of £600 was outstanding for work performed on A16-122, 147 and 149. (Source: 2)
25NOV54 Registered VH-AGX to Adastra Aerial Surveys. Aircraft was converted from Mk IVA to Mk III with installation of Wright Cyclone engines.
29OCT57 In connection with the inquiry into the crash of Hudson VH-AGO on 24 June 1957, a test flight (1hr 25min) was conducted in VH-AGX on this date. (Source: NAA: Report on investigation into aircraft accident to Lockheed Hudson Mk III VH-AGO at Horn Island, Qld on 24 June 1957 Series number A8325 Control symbol 24/6/1957 PART 1)
29JUN62 Transferred to Sepal Pty Ltd (an Adastra company).
25MAR68 Arrived at Essendon, refuelled and departed on a flight plan to Giles WA and Kalgoorlie. (Source: 1)
Repainted in the Orange Livery
DEC71 Photographed at Longreach in the orange livery.
22DEC73 Crashed on takeoff at Horn Island. Aborted takeoff due loss of oil pressure. Aircraft overan strip into swamp and was badly damaged. Both crew escaped injury.
76 Acquired by Bob Eastgate, Melbourne VIC.
06FEB77 Arrived at Point Cook VIC ex Townsville Trader for restoration.
Bob Eastgate acquired the nose section from Hudson A16-244 which had been abandoned at Kalumburu Mission (formerly RAAF Drysdale River) WA after the war. It was intended that the nose section from A16-244 would be grafted on to VH-AGX to replace its damaged nose.
VH-AGX was transferred to the RAAF Museum, along with the nose section of A16-244 and the fuselage of A16-22, in exchange for a number of Winjeels.


See "Ten Years in the Life of a Hudson Engine" for movements by VH-AGX.
See also "Hudson Nose Art".

Geoff Goodall - contemporary notes.
Geoff Goodall The Migrant Caper
RAAF Form E/E.88.

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