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Reiner Treder's Hudson model in flight over Germany


Reiner Treder lends scale to his Hudson model

When Reiner Treder from Frankfurt Germany decided to build a 1:8 scale flying model of the Lockheed Hudson, he wanted something different from the usual military colour schemes on offer. His search led him to the Adastra website which inspired him to paint his model as Adastra's VH-AGS.

The model is built entirely from wood (balsa, pine and plywood) and is not painted but covered with ORACOVER heat shrink film in turquoise, white and black. The wingspan is 240cm and the length is 162cm. The model weighs 8.6kg and it is powered by two brushless electric motors each of which draws power from a 22.2volt, 4000mAh, LiPo (Lithium Polymer) accumulator. The retractable undercarriage is pneumatically operated.

A retired graphic designer, Reiner sourced the markings from the Adastra website and had them scaled up and printed on adhesive foil.

Thank you Reiner for keeping Adastra's history alive.


Reiner Treder at the controls of the reborn VH-AGS

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