Boeing 707-138 VH-EBB at Honolulu during its delivery flight on 30 June 1959. Although it is claimed that the aircraft was renamed City of Canberra for the delivery flight, it carries no name externally and the Coat of Arms is that of Sydney. The right hand side of the aeroplane was the same. Sir Hudson Fysh described the welcoming ceremony in his book Wings to the World (page 158-9):

"As we descended the passenger steps to proceed along a red carpet to the official dais, we were greeted by Hawaiian hula belles who draped us with garlands. Governor Quinn and Mayor Blaisdell extended a welcome; the Royal Hawaiian band blared forth, and the Aloha Week Court, led by the King and Queen, said the islands were ours for the asking. Speeches followed, a great fifteen foot garland of orchids was draped over the nose of the City of Canberra by the Hawaiian King, and a myriad orchids showered down from helicopters, their sweet-smelling petals settling on and around us. In the midst of the ceremonies the engines of a Pan American Airways DC-7 parked nearby suddenly sprang into life. It was a test by their mechanics which drowned off the rest of the speeches. If the incident had got to the ears of Juan Trippe, I am sure there would have been trouble for someone."

Picture: Qantas Heritage Collection